Altruism Protocol

Altruism Protocol

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Altrucoin is a decentralized finance token built to bring together trustless defi lending, token reflection, charitable donations, and decentralized governance.
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Token Details
Total supply
Token Distribution
Overall Transaction Fee = 10%
- 50% of that 10% tax is distributed to existing holders (5% of total)
- 50% of that 10% tax is distributed to the multisig protocol wallets broken down as follows (5% of total):
- 40% is distributed to the Liquidity Pool Wallet (2% of total)
- 30% is distributed to the Charity Wallet (1.5% of total)
- 15% is distributed to the Marketing Wallet (.75% of total)
- 15% is distributed to the Development Wallet (.75% of total)
Accepted Currencies
Additional Details
Binance Smart Chain

About Altruism Protocol

The Altruism Protocol What is Altrucoin?

The Altruism Protocol (Altrucoin) is a community-driven, frictionless yield-generating token created on the Binance Smart Chain.

The protocol was designed to produce decentralized charitable donations and to provide a safe, appreciating store of value for token holders with strong incentives for long-term investment and a clearly defined use case: trustless defi lending.

Our project combines the established use case of trustless defi lending with the modern tokenomic mechanism of token reflection and a variety of other improvements.

We aim to remove the middlemen (banks) from the lending equation and instead send profits directly to Altrucoin holders and charitable organizations.

How It Works Frictionless Yield Generation

5% of every transaction is distributed proportionally to the wallets of all holders of Altrucoin.

Deflationary Tokenomics

Altrucoin implements features such as token burning and locked liquidity pooling, ensuring that the token remains deflationary.

Automatic Liquidity Pooling

Our smart contract automatically deposits a portion of every transaction into a locked liquidity pool.

Charity Voting

A portion of all transactions goes to a dedicated charity wallet. Holders can vote on which charities should receive donations from the charity wallet at

Decentralized Governance

Altrucoin was created for decentralized governance from the start. All protocol wallets are controlled via Multisig and our roadmap shows our plan for full decentralization.

Defi Lending/Staking

The Altruism Protocol's long term use case is to become a decentralized lending platform that rewards users for staking tokens. You can learn more from our live roadmap and whitepaper.



Producing yield generation and creating a sensible investment for our holders.


Creating a secure store of value for all our holders.


Giving to impactful charitable causes in order to change the world for the better.


Ensuring no single entity or group has complete control of the protocol.


Through decentralization Altrucoin will remain community driven, built and controlled.


Transparency from our team in all aspects of the project.


Technical Info

What Sets Us Apart

We have learned from our predecessors and aim to improve on their formulas. Our team has identified a number of issues with existing frictionless yield-generation tokens, and has devised solutions for each of them:

  • Issue #1: Centralized Control
    Altrucoin has launched in a partially decentralized state. Our roadmap lays out our plan to become fully decentralized. 
  • Issue #2: Low Token Usability
    In our whitepaper, we discuss our transaction fee reduction plan designed to increase general usability.
  • Issue #3: No Primary Use Case
    We are actively developing the protocol into a decentralized lending platform.
  • Issue #4: Replicated Smart Contract Code
    While we do make use of established code libraries and templates, we have also implemented unique code to create a token that matches our needs exactly.
  • Issue #5: Centralized Donation Control
    Holders of Altrucoin will be in control of which charities receive donations. This is implemented at launch.
  • Issue #6: Poor Security Controls
    Every protocol wallet is controlled via Gnosis Multisig Safe wallet contracts. This greatly reduces the likelihood of a single rogue user being able to attack or steal protocol funds or liquidity.


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Altruism Protocol Team

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Nathaji Metivier
Chief Executive Officer - Founding Member
Paul Lambert
Director of Marketing - Founding Member
Aya Yagi
Director of Philanthropy - Founding Member
Matt Metivier
Chief Technology Officer - Founding Member
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626,370.558 B ALTRUCOIN
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