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Allvor ICO provides the future where the best and most consistent blocking technologies will transparently interact and operate with different layers and protocols that are necessary for financial and business transactions.
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About Allvor

Allvor is the first cryptocurrency with a focus on the trade of products and services, based on the XRP Ledger.

Allvor combines the XRP Ledger’s superior technology with the intent of boosting the adoption of cryptocurrencies use in commercial relationships, directly by the market agents, including consumers and sellers, in the most varied sectors.

We will create and encourage the creation of tools that enable the intercommunication between the real-time gross settlement possibilities available in the XRP Ledger with the technological resources used by merchants and payment solution providers for e-commerce, including Payment Gateways and Payment Service Providers - PSPs.

The aim is for Allvor (acronym ALV) to be widely used in the purchase and sale of products and services.


Certainly, the time will come when most merchants will start receiving payments with different digital currencies and will keep both digital and fiat currencies on their balance

However, while this time has not come yet, we believe that a gradual approach is the best way to shorten the distances between cryptocurrency holders and merchants in general. Allvor will develop ALV payment technologies as well as technologies that will enable ALV to be effectively used by buyers, while ensuring that sellers receive in local currency. In the future, when these merchants start to gradually and directly receive cryptocurrency payments, Allvor will already be placed as an integrated, reliable and easy-to-use currency.

Allvor Roadmap

  • 2018 Q1

  • Creation of the ALV Token in the XRP Ledger.
    Creation and release of the Allvor Portal.
    Development of the Initial Distribution Program.
    Official release.
  • 2018 Q2

  • Beginning of the Decentralized Exchange in the XRP Ledger.
    Implementation of the Disclosure Program.
    Development of the Partnership Program.
    Obtain legal opinion with application of the Howey Test.
  • 2018 Q3

  • ALV traded on an Exchange.
    Allvorpay Platform in development stage.
    WooCommerce plugin in the development stage.
  • 2018 Q4

  • Listing on Coinmarketcap.
    Release of the Allvorpay platform.
    Release of the WooCommerce platform plugin.
    Magento plugin in the development stage.
    ALV traded on two exchanges.
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  • 2019 Q1

  • Partnership for Mobile/Desktop Wallet Support.
    Release of the Magento platform plugin.
    Plugin for third e-commerce platform in development stage.
  • 2019 Q2

  • ALV traded on four exchanges.
    1st Developers meet-up.
    Release of plugin for third e-commerce platform.
  • 2019 Q3

  • ALV acceptance by One Debit Card Provider.
    First Integration with an Online Payment Provider.
    Plugin for fourth e-commerce platform in development stage.
  • 2019 Q4

  • ALV traded on six exchanges.
    Second Integration with an Online Payment Provider.
    Release of plugin for fourth e-commerce platform.
  • 2020

  • Increasing use of the Magento plugin.
    Increasing use of the WooCommerce plugin.
    Increasing use of the third plugin.
    Increasing use of the fourth plugin.
    ALV acceptance by three Debit Card providers.
    ALV being received by three payment providers.
    ALV traded on 10 exchanges.
    Creation of the Allvor Foundation.
    Hybrid Payment Gateway’s operational tests.
    ALV micropayment testing in mobile platform with a low-income community.


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Allvor Team

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Cleyton Domingues
Creator, Co-Founder and Independent Researcher
Syval Peres
Co-Founder and Developer
Leandro Gonçalves
Co-Founder and Developer
Renata Nunes
Marketing Director
Felipe Carriço
Marketing Director
Luciano Oliveira
Alessandra Sena


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Attention. There is a risk that unverified members are not actually members of the team

Humberto Cagno
5.0 11
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