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AITA ICO is a high scale, stimulus and secure block reputation based on a well-researched concept in the peer-to-peer network. At AWS's latest Testnet, AITA Network has achieved 6852 TPS VISA level at the time of the shoring protocol.
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We are deeply attracted by the future society depicted by the combination of IoT and blockchain, although everything looks more like sci-fi from the perspective of this moment. However, with the gradual improvement and large-scale commercial use of communication infrastructure such as 5G, we believe that the biggest obstacle to achieving the world of IoT can be overcome soon.

If the communication revolution represented by 4G brings explosive explosion of streaming media, then the high probability that the 5G era brings is most likely to be a disruptive revolution of the Internet of Things. So, for us, who have been focusing on research areas in distributed system and internet of things, we think it is time to take the future world a step closer. We name the project AITA with the ultimate goal of Connecting AI&IoT to All Blockchain.

AITA is a blockchain reputation system of which the core idea is borrowed from our previous research in p2p communication field. Combined with a leader-based & state sharding technology, the aim is to realize horizontal scalability of blockchain. (we will present the technical details in our academic paper). Put it simply, we hope to introduce a reputation system to blockchain network in order to give blockchain node an economic incentive as well as increase network stability; more specifically, we have designed a parallel-chain structure with low-speed & high-speed chain dealing with different issues. Based on this reputation system, as a plus we plan to build a leader-based permission-less chain. In our latest trail, with Amazon C4. Large environment, we successfully reached POW-based network an average speed of 6800TPS with max. of 10000X TPS(1800 nodes, 8 shards). With great possibility, basically AITA will enable most public chain today a VISA-level capability. In the near future, by accessing AITA, existing public chain performance will be upgraded to the next level of magnitude to support a more extensive and practical Dapp operation.


Sharding, which splits the overheads of processing transactions to multiple, smaller groups of nodes, is the major approach to overcome the scalability and performance limitations of current blockchain protocols. These groups work in parallel to maximize the performance while requiring much smaller storage, communication, and computation per node, allowing the system to scale to large networks easily. However, the existing random-based sharding systems fail to achieve strong security guarantees due to not leveraging the information regarding bandwidth, CPU, and historical behaviors among nodes. Besides, the incentive mechanism of these systems could be a huge overhead. Some of these sharding schemes have small fault resiliency (e.g., 1/8,1/4), high failure probability or strong assumption (e.g., trusted hardware or setup) that limits their applicability to mainstream transaction system. We innovatively propose AITA platform , a secure, high incentive and fast blockchain system via reputation-based sharding. AITA platform is built on a double-chain architecture consisting of a transaction blockchain and a reputation blockchain. The innovative reputation blockchain with moderate generation speed can support a high throughput on transaction blockchain. AITA platform achieves an average throughput around 16000 tps with total 1800 nodes and 100 nodes in each shard, around 7000 tps with total 1800 nodes and 225 nodes in each shard, when tested on Amazon Web Service platform. To facilitate a better understanding of the core features of AITA, we describe them as below. Roadmap

  • January 2018

  • Project AITA started.
  • May 2018

  • Achieved 6800+TPS on AWS.
  • July 2018

  • Whitepaper released.
  • September 2018

  • Internal testnet launched.
  • Read More
  • November 2018

  • Release public testnet V0.1
  • April 2019

  • Release public testnet V0.2
  • Q3 2019

  • Ready for mainnet lanch. Release anchor dapp.


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