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Autonomous intelligent robot agent (AIRA) project which implements the standard of economic interaction between human-robot and robot-robot
Risk: Very High
May 25, 2017
May 28, 2017
100% completed
$1 457 900
6% goal completed
Goal 5 000.00 ETH
  • 150 AIRA
    1 ETH
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About Aira

Autonomous intelligent robot agent (AIRA) project which implements the standard of economic interaction between human-robot and robot-robot via liability smart contract. Aira makes it possible to connect a variety of different robots to the market of robot's liabilities which existing in Ethereum for the direct sale of data from robot sensors, ordering of unmanned land, sea and air freight / passenger logistics services and organization ordering of personalized products at fully automated enterprises. Lifestyle Banks, websites aggregators of real estate, medical organizations are ready to purchase data from various citizens sensors. It is better to create a transparent market for those who want to do this, than they will look for other ways to collect this data. The autonomous DHL truck must be able to interact with the Amazon warehouse robot. Let the robots conclude contracts and make payments independently from humans — fast, logically and cost-effectively.

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Aira Roadmap

  • 2015

  • The first mention of Aira project in the interview forklog
    Decentralized IoT concept research
    Created Aira IoT and Aira ROS Bridge
    Presented Drone Employee project which use direct economic relations between human - drone and drone - autonomous air traffic control
  • 2016

  • Deep dive in Ethereum and launch Ethereum learning center for Russian community
    R&D for purpose create pattern of building DAO on p2p networks
    Publishing of all developed smart contracts on GitHub in repo Aira core
    Created DAO Factory and implemented in DAO IPCI
    Developing autonomous agent interface. Aira interface release 0.1.0
    Start partnership with Microsoft Russia for study purpose on the way of using Ethereum network for DAO project
    Sergey Lonshakov published pattern of Ethereum based DAO
  • 2017

  • Start work with Robot economics doctrine
    Published Aira release 0.7 — Robot liability prototype
    Aira presented on Bitcoin & Blockchain conference Moscow 2017
    Published Aira release 0.8 «Proof-of-R&D»
    Aira release 0.9 “Foundation”


Year commits:
33 715
Open issues:

Aira Team

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Evgene Radchenko
Project manager, Project Architect
Anastasiia Bakai
Design Lead, UI/UX designer, web designer, front-e...
Alexander Kapitonov
PhD in Industrial Automation, Developer Matlab, Oc...
Alexander Starostin
Web developer, Ethereum smart contract developer


$13 012 206

Sergey Lonshakov
DAO design and implementation
Alexander Krupenkin
Solidity Developer
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