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AIDA Service

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AIDA Service аutomated sales service with a decentralized database. Currently can propose affiliate networks:
1 - a tool designed for logistics experts, 2 - a tool designed for warehouses; and a tool for partners for furtherance and earnings on sales with our help. This tool is available both for housewives and for experienced businessmen, advanced bloggers or advertising agencies.
The market of building materials has been chosen for the reason of comprehensive range of the goods and the expertise of the founders of AIDA project in this area. However, we are informed of the reality that the problems similar to those which we already solved with our service, exist in other business areas.
After the process of testing and implementation of the product we consider entering other markets in such areas as:
- Equipment;
- Furniture;
- Computer components;
- Food;
- etc.
Risk: High
Feb 28, 2018
May 25, 2018
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Jan 4, 2018
Feb 27, 2018
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About AIDA Service

Development of a unique automated sales service that will solve more than 90% of all existing market problems.

We strive to make a sales service No. 1 in the world, where not only the main "headaches" of our users will be taken into account, but even trifles that contribute to the maximum convenience in working with it.

There is an ability to solve the problems of all these participants of the process by providing tools that will work as a single organism. How do we see it? This is an automated service that unites all participants and provides the opportunity to exchange information quickly and in a timely manner. We solve the problem of tracking orders for the client, document circulation for all participants due to electronic document circulation and electronic digital signatures. Each participant has its own personal account as a tool for planning and conducting its activities, where all the analytics is gathered.


Decentralized DB of all transactions and ratings of goods and suppliers on a blockchain technology.

AIDA Service Roadmap

  • 2014 - 2016

  • A study of the construction materials market.
  • 2016 Q4 - 2017 Q2

  • Writing of a detailed technical task.
  • Q2 - Q4 2017

  • Development of MVP service.
  • Dec 2017 - Jan 2018

  • PreICO
  • Read More
  • Jan - Feb 2018

  • ICO
  • Q1 2018

  • Alpha-testing and polishing of the product
  • Q2 2018

  • - Beta-testing, introduction of distributors, warehouses and logisticians.
    - Development of the mobile application
  • Q3 2018

  • - Complete launch of the product in CIS region.
    - Development of personal Blockchain within the project.
  • Q4 2018

  • Implementation of SLA at the level of smart contracts.
  • Q1 2019

  • - Implementation of internal currency - AIDCOIN - to accelerate the payment transactions.
    - Introduction of token-AIDCOIN converter in 1:10 ratio.
  • Q2 2019

  • - Listing AIDCOIN on the cryptocurrency exchange market.
    - Adaptation of the service to the markets of Europe and East Asia.
  • Q3 2019

  • Adaptation of the service to the markets of North and South America.
  • Q4 2019

  • Expansion of the service stocks to other spheres.


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AIDA Service Team

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Ualikhan Nyssanov
Managing Director
Svetlana Krukhmaleva
Operating Director
Denis Goncharenko
IT Director
Aizhan Biskembayeva
Commercial Director
Arman Kunsakov
Executive Director
Anna Ponomarenko
Product Promotion Specialist
Sergey Kovalevsky
Head of IT Department
Dinara Kulikesheva
Almat Yereshev
Project Manager
Tomiris Narimanova
Ruslan Yakupov
Specialist of Sale Departure
Nataliya Tsoy
Specialist on CMM
Vladimir Charlin
Alpamys Orazmukhamnb...
Dauren Balgabek
Kang De Khan
Asylkhan Zhaksylykov
Stanislav Miloserdov
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AIDA Service Reviews
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AIDA aims to deliver mainly construction materials through its services. The supply chain of construction materials is considered as a capital-intensive industry and so the team has to take it into consideration. There are several crypto startups in logistics that already raised money(Shipchain, Slogn). For instance, ShipChain raised 30M USD in by January 2018.

The sphere AIDA is entering requires taking into consideration the country-specific characteristics of supply chain. However, the team wants to expand globally but does not provide the expansion roadmap and target countries. Currently, the MVP is not available, so it is not possible to test the product. Also, AIDA has no customers now. The team says that they will use Blockchain for a faster settlement of trades between counterparties. However, the team will use Ethereum Blockchain which is not highly scalable and can only support 15 transactions per second. The team aims to enter all CIS markets by Q4 2018 and expand to Americas in Q3 2019. However, the team has no previous experience of scaling any projects at the global level. Therefore, the provided expansion road map does not seem convincing. Also, the problem of corruption in supply chain that AIDA tries to tackle is not globally common. That is why, the team has to rethink its main goal during global expansion.

AIDA will charge its customers 1%, while the average among competitors is around 15-20%. The team does not explain how this lower level commission will lead to profitability of the project. AIDA aims to deliver mainly construction materials through its services. The supply chain of construction materials is considered as a capital-intensive industry. The team does not explain how they will avoid or optimize these costs.

The team does not clearly state how many funds they aim to raise. There is no information about neither soft cap nor hard cap. The team does not state how many tokens they will issue. AIDA will reserve 20% of tokens for the core team. This figure seems high and there is no vesting scheme for bonus.

CEO of AIDA (Nysanov Ualikhan) does not have strong previous experience in technology. Even though he has profile on LinkedIn, his previous experience is not clear. IT Director's experience (Denis Goncharenko) cannot be verified using linkedin. Several developers of the platform are still students and AIDA is their first experience. To sum up, the whole team experience is not clear and there are strong doubts that they will be able to deliver everything outlined in WP.

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The main objective of this platform and its core development team is to provide its clients with an automated sales platform that is built on Ethereum blockchain technology. This platform will help clients to improve their ecommerce businesses without needing to hire services from any third party or intermediaries. The cutting-edge blockchain technology and advanced smart contracts are used for development of this secure, decentralized, and non-refundable project.

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Is this company a good investment for you? It can be. Aida Service seems like a very organized company with some definitive potential to be better than it already is right now. Because of this, you will not be making a mistake if you decide to invest in this company.

We have not seen any red flags on the company’s site or any apparent danger or sign of any scam, so it looks like investing in this company is also secure.

If you liked this company, feel free to invest in it. This can bring a good return on investment to you and if you want to use it for your e-commerce business in the near future, this can be an even more interesting and profitable investment for you to make.

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