Created using Figma
Created using Figma
DePonzi is not going to become a stable coin, on the contrary, as the name of DePonzi indicates, the game designed is a pure financial game, nobody knows it will be either to the moon or to the abyss. But if Deponzi becomes a stable coin with a huge market value in the future, it must be attributed to the community.
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Weitere Details

Über DePonzi

-Supply adjustment strategy

DePonzi's token supply will be adjusted according to the price of its token DPZ automatically, the rule is to adjust the token balance to achieve the goal of stabilizing the price at around 1 USDT. When the price is higher than 1.05 USDT, the token will inflate, and all the token holders will receive dividends, the token quantity will increase; when the price is lower than 0.95, the token will be deflation and the holders‘ token will be reduced. When the price is in the range of 0.95 to 1.05, the number of tokens will remain.

- Reaction coefficient

Every adjustment will get an adjustment coefficient based on the price difference. We initially set a reaction coefficient of k=10, so that the adjustment range of the token supply is only 1/10. You can also understand that we do not want the price to be very violent fluctuations, causing the entire system to collapse. We hope that changes will happen slowly and just achieve market demand.
-Adjustment formula
ΔS%=(P_0-1)/k, ΔS= S_0*ΔS%
ΔS%: Daily supply change rate
ΔS: daily supply change
P_0: Price of the previous day
S_0: the previous day's supply
k: Reaction coefficient, we initially set k=10

-Supply period

The adjustment of the supply volume will be carried out once a day at a random time. In order to prevent arbitrageurs from controlling prices before and after the supply adjustment, we will take a random time from 0:00 to 24:00 UTC every day. The amount of supply adjustment will be determined by the price of the previous day.
Project highlights
- Based on TRON network

DePonzi is developed based on TRON blockchain. Why don’t we use Ethereum ?the main reason is because of the congested network environment has become an obstacle for users, and the interaction fee with DeFi contracts can even be higher as 50 USD. The TRON network has extremely fast computing speed and extremely small gas transfer costs. And also TRON network has the largest supply of stable coins outside of Ethereum blockchain, with USDT reserves of up to $3.7 billion.。This will give players a better experience when participating in DePonzi game.

-Relative fairness

Such as Ampleforth these kinds of projects are very popular in the Ethereum blockchain. But players cannot get a fair starting line because of the different prices of different rounds. DePonzi will reset everything and all players will get DePonzi for 1USD and launch on AMM DEX with a starting price of 1USD.


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