Dubai , United Arab Emirates

সম্পর্কিত TOKEN2049

TOKEN2049 is the premier crypto event, organised annually in Dubai and Singapore, where founders and executives of the leading Web3 companies and projects share their view on the industry. We shine a light on the global developments, while taking a unique and widening perspective on the ecosystem and its vast opportunities.

TOKEN2049 brings together the global Web3 industry, uniting entrepreneurs, investors, developers, industry insiders and global media - and creates unparalleled networking opportunities.

This is the community that will define what’s next in the space.


Zaheer Ebtikar
CIO Split Capital Split Capital
Gokhan Er
Managing Director IOSG Ventures IOSG Ventures
Leonard Dorlöchter
Co-Founder peaq
Aya Kantorovich
Co-Founder and Co-CEO Fractal August
Alireza Ghods
Co-Founder and CEO NATIX Network NATIX Network
Bidhan Roy
Founder and CEO Bagel Network Bagel
আরো দেখুন (197)
Vivien Lin
Chief Product Officer BingX BingX
Brian Crain
CEO Chorus One Chorus One
Theo Messerer
Co-Founder and COO Silencio
Zhen Yu Yong
Co-Founder and CEO Web3Auth Web3Auth
Bobby Lee
Founder and CEO Ballet Ballet
Zedd Yin
Co-Founder and COO Magic Eden Magic Eden
Raj Brahmbhatt
Founder and CEO Zeebu Zeebu
Cynthia Wu
COO Matrixport Matrixport
MacKenzie Sigalos
Correspondent CNBC CNBC | Crypto Trader Show
Ki Young
Founder and CEO CryptoQuant CryptoQuant
Daniel Keller
CEO InFlux Technologies InFlux Technologies
Paul Brody
Global Blockchain Leader EY EY Japan
Marin Tvrdic
Master of Protocol Relations Lido Finance
Laurence Day
CEO The Wildcat Protocol Wildcat Finance
Michael Figge
Chief Creative Officer Yuga Labs
Yuki Yuan
CEO PlanX PlanX
Dominic Williams
Founder and Chief Scientist DFINITY Foundation DFINITY (ICP)
Joe Sticco
Co-Founder Cryptex Finance
Michael Gu
Co-Founder Ozaru Ozaru
Sergej Kunz
Co-Founder 1inch Network 1inch Network
Stephan Lutz
Herman Narula
Co-Founder and CEO Improbable Penguin Publishing Group
Murad Mahmudov
Founder STFX
Alan Duran
Smokey the Bera
Co-Founder Berachain
Annabelle Huang
Managing Partner Amber Group Amber Group
Co-Founder and CEO OG Media Group OG Media Group
Ryan Sungho Kim
Co-Founder and Partner Hashed Hashed
Sebastien Borget
Co-Founder and COO The Sandbox The Sandbox
Scott Stuart
Co-Founder Kava Kava
Luuk Strijers
Chief Commercial Officer Deribit Deribit
Executive Director Telos Telos Foundation
Sylvia To
Head of Token Partnerships and Research Bullish Bullish
Hugo Philion
Co-Founder / CEO Flare / Flare Labs Flare Labs
Jehan Chu
Founder and Managing Partner Kenetic Kenetic
Ariel Seidman
Founder and CEO Hivemapper Hivemapper
Michael Bucella
Managing Partner Neoclassic Capital TeraWulf
Farkhad Shagulyamov
Founder zkSOM zkSOM
Khing Oei
Senior Advisor Crypto Attestor Attestor Limited
Viktor Fischer
CEO RockawayX RockawayX
Mario Nawfal
Founder and CEO IBC Group IBC Group
Max Boonen
Founder PV01 PV01
Sandy Peng
Co-Founder Scroll Scroll
Victor Ji
Co-Founder Manta Network Manta Network
Terrill Tsang
Asia Tech Lead UtilityNet UtilityNet
Amanda Cassatt
Founder and CEO Serotonin Serotonin
Ruca Sousa Marques
Head of Growth karpatkey karpatkey
Marcin Kazmierczak
Co-Founder RedStone Oracles RedStone Oracles
Majd Hailat
CEO Altura Gaming Altura Gaming
David Uhryniak
Ecosystem Development Leader TRON DAO TRON DAO
Elio D’Anna
Co-Founder / CEO HOFA Gallery / Kreation Technologies Kreation Technologies
Augustus Ilag
Investment Partner and Head of Asia CMT Digital Cmt Digital Holdings Llc
Eowyn Chen
CEO Trust Wallet Trust Wallet
Andrew Bonneau
Managing Director Carbonmark Offsetra
Joseph Baek
Co-Founder and EVP Modhaus Modhaus
Bruce Fenton
CEO Chainstone Labs Chainstone Labs
Bas Rutten
Chairman and Host Karate Combat Karate Combat
Vugar Usi Zade
Chief Operating Officer Bitget Bitget
Frederic Nachbauer
Co-Founder and CTO ELOOP The loop
Ali Eşelioğlu
CEO CoinTR / METX Dijital CoinTR
Mohak Agarwal
Founder ClayStack ClayStack
Konstantin Richter
Founder and CEO Blockdaemon Blockdaemon
Ian Johnston
Chief Executive Dubai Financial Services Authority Dubai Financial Services Authority


$5 600 000

Anurag Arjun
Co-Founder Avail Avail
Jordi Alexander
CIO Selini Capital Selini Capital
Niraj Pant
Co-Founder Ritual Ritual
Founder Jupiter Jupiter
Giovanni Vicioso
Global Head of Crypto Products CME Group CME Group
Jihan Wu
Co-Founder and Chairman Matrixport Matrixport
Roger Bayston
EVP, Head of Digital Assets Franklin Templeton Franklin Templeton


$81 100

Michael Wagner
Co-Founder and CEO Star Atlas Star Atlas
Noah Dummett
Founder Shuffle Shuffle
Managing Partner Ethereal Ventures Ethereal Ventures
TN Lee
CEO Pendle Pendle
Leo Zhang
Founder Alkimiya Protocol Alkimiya
Guy Young
Founder Ethena Labs Ethena Labs
Trevor Harries-Jones
Board Member Render Network Render Network Foundation
Imran Khan
Founder Alliance Alliance
Dovey Wan
Founding Partner Primitive Ventures Primitive Ventures
Stefan Kimmel
Jason Kam
Founder Folius Ventures Folius Ventures
Luca Schnetzler
CEO Pudgy Penguins Pudgy Penguins
Zion Thomas
Piers Kicks
Partner Delphi Ventures Delphi Ventures
Alex Kruger
Founder Asgard Markets Asgard Markets
Ben Forman
Managing Partner and CIO ParaFi Capital ParaFi Capital
Soona Amhaz
Managing Partner Volt Capital Volt Capital
Shiliang Tang
Co-Founder Arbelos Markets
Co-Founder Backpack / Mad Lads Backpack
YQ Jia
Founder AltLayer AltLayer
Greg Beard
Chairman and CEO Stronghold Digital Mining Stronghold Digital Mining
Robbie Ferguson
Co-Founder and President Immutable Immutable
Mike Silagadze
CEO EtherFi
Qi Chai
Co-Founder IoTeX IoTeX
Mo Shaikh
Co-Founder and CEO Aptos Labs Aptos Labs
Julian Koh
CEO Aevo Aevo
Justin Schmidt
President Ondo Ondo Finance
Joyce Yang
Investor GCR Magic Eden
Perianne Boring
Founder and CEO The Digital Chamber Chamber of Digital Commerce
Rene Reinsberg
President Celo Foundation Celo
Arthur Cheong
CEO and CIO DeFiance Capital DeFiance Capital
Federico Variola
CEO Phemex Phemex
Jacob Ko
Partner Superscrypt Superscrypt
Matthew Graham
Managing Partner Ryze Labs Ryze Labs
Ryan Barney
Principal Pantera Capital Pantera Capital
Kelvin Koh
Co-Founder and CIO Spartan Group The Spartan Group
Ezaan Mangalji
Founding Team Initia
Darius Sit
Founder and CIO QCP QCP Capital
Rich Rines
Initial Contributor Core DAO Element
Gerald Heydenreich
Founder and President EtherMail EtherMail
Miguel Morel
Co-Founder and CEO Arkham Arkham
Matthew Sigel
Head of Digital Assets Research VanEck VanEck Europe
Terence Kwok
Founder Humanity Protocol Stealth
Neel Somani
Founder Eclipse Eclipse Laboratories Inc.
Benjamin Roth
Co-Founder and CIO Auros Auros
Lucas Matney
Editorial Chief Bankless Bankless
Muneeb Ali
CEO Trust Machines Trust Machines
Nick White
COO Celestia Celestia Labs
Iana Dimitrova
Chief Executive OpenPayd OpenPayd
Tone Vays
Founder Financial Summit The Financial Summit
Ran Neu Ner
CEO Crypto Banter Onchain Capital
David Wachsman
CEO Wachsman Wachsman
Jamie Burke
Founder and Chairman Outlier Ventures Outlier Ventures
Co-Founder and Managing Partner LongHash Ventures LongHash
Bill Barhyd
Matt Luongo
CEO Thesis Thesis*
David Tse
Co-Founder Babylon BabylonChain
Matthew White
CEO Dubai Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority PwC Middle East
Richard Muirhead
Managing Partner Fabric Ventures Fabric Ventures LLP
CEO 0G Labs Garten
Pavel Durov
CEO Telegram Telegram
Bryan Johnson
Founder Blueprint
Eric Wall
Co-Founder Taproot Wizards Taproot Wizards
Anthony Scaramucci
Founder and Managing Partner SkyBridge Capital SkyBridge Capital
Vyas Krishnan
Product EigenLayer EigenLayer
Alex Blania
CEO Worldcoin WorldCoinIndex
Mert Mumtaz
CEO Helius
Balaji Srinivasan
Founder, Investor, and Author The Network State Coinbase
Sandeep Nawal
Co-Founder Polygon Polygon
Paulo Ardoino
CEO Tether Tether
Arthur Hayes
Maelstrom Maelstorm Fund
Sergey Nazarov
Co-Founder Chainlink Chainlink Labs
Roger Ver
Raj Gokal
Co-Founder Solana Solana Foundation
Raoul Pal
Co-Founder and CEO Real Vision Real Vision
Richard Teng
CEO Binance Binance
Michael Sonnenshein
CEO Grayscale Grayscale
Dr Gavin Wood
Founder Polkadot Polkadot
Illia Polosukhin
Co-Founder NEAR Protocol NEAR Protocol
Jeremy Allaire
Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO Circle Circle
Mike Belshe
CEO BitGo BitGo
Haseeb Qureshi
Managing Partner Dragonfly Dragonfly
Nick van Eck
CEO Agora
Ahmad Shadid
Founder and CEO
Martin Carrica
Co-Founder Mountain Protocol
Emin Gün Sirer
CEO Ava Labs / Avalanche Ava Labs
Diogo Monica
General Partner Haun Ventures
Alex Gluchowski
Co-Founder and CEO zkSync Matter Labs
Sean Ren
Co-Founder and CEO Sahara Sahara AI
Jeremy Ng
Co-Founder OpenEden Labs OpenEden Labs
Nic Carter
General Partner Castle Island Ventures Castle Island Ventures
Lasse Clausen
Founding Partner 1kx 1KX
Ryan Kim
Co-Founder and Partner Hashed Partner Hashed
Tarun Chitra
Founder and CEO Gauntlet Gauntlet
Founder, CEO, and CIO Asymmetric Asymmetric
Andrew Work
CEO New Work Media New Work Media
Sunny Aggarwal
Co-Founder Osmosis Labs Osmosis Labs
Yu Hu
CEO Kaito AI Kaito AI
Raj Timothy Nandwani
Global BD Lead Binance Binance Labs
Santiago Roel Santos
Investor ParaFi Capital
Eugene Chen
Co-Founder Ellipsis Labs Ellipsis Labs
Adeniyi Abiodun
Co-Founder and CPO Mysten Labs MYSTEN LABS
Akshat Vaidya
Head of Investments Maelstrom Maelstorm Fund
Ryan Barney
Partner Pantera Capital Pantera Capital
Mustafa Al Bassam
Co-Founder and CEO Celestia Celestia Labs
Zaki Manian
Co-Founder Sommelier Sommelier Finance
Keone Hon
Co-Founder Monad Monad Labs
Viktor Bunin
Protocol Specialist Coinbase Coinbase
Eric Balchunas
Senior ETF Analyst Bloomberg Bloomberg News
Eugene Ng
Co-Founder OpenEden OpenEden
Sankha Banerjee
Head of Product Strategy Babylonchain BabylonChain Inc.
Yat Siu
Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Animoca Brands Animoca Brands
Andrei Grachev
Managing Partner DWF Labs DWF Labs
Jose Fernandez da Ponte
SVP and GM, Blockchain, Crypto and Digital Currencies PayPal PayPal
Rob Hadick
General Partner Dragonfly Dragonfly
Nick Dodson
CEO Fuel
Alex Svanevik
CEO Nansen Nansen
Henri Arslanian
Co-Founder and Managing Partner Nine Blocks Capital Management Nine Blocks Capital Management
Matthew Roszak
Co-Founder and Chairman Bloq Bloq
Rafael Schultze-Kraft
Co-Founder Glassnode Glassnode
Hannah Miller
Reporter Bloomberg News
Evgeny Gaevoy
Co-Founder and CEO Wintermute Wintermute
Sonia Shaw
President CoinW CoinW
Chris Donovan
COO NEAR Foundation NEAR Foundation
Larry Cermak
CEO The Block The
Lucas Vogelsang
Co-Founder and CEO Centrifuge Centrifuge


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