সম্পর্কিত REDeFiNE TOMORROW 2024

EDeFiNE TOMORROW 2024, SCB 10X’s 5th annual global DeFi & Web3 virtual summit on May 21-22, 2024. Partnered with Bloomberg, a global leader in business and financial information and news, the event will bring together an all-star lineup of renowned industry innovators and changemakers from across the world focused on building and expanding the crypto ecosystem through existing projects as well as future innovations.


Robert Leshner
CEO & Co-founder Superstate & Compound Superstate
Jeremy Allaire
CEO & Co-founder Circle
CEO & Co-founder bloXroute Labs
Keone Hon
Co-founder Monad Labs
Anton Katz
CEO & Co-founder Talos Trading
Sergey Gorbunov
CEO & Co-founder Axelar
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John Wu
President Ava Labs Ava Labs
Yu Hu
CEO & Co-founder Kaito AI Kaito AI
David Tse
CEO & Co-founder Babylon BabylonChain Inc.
Darius Sit
Founder & CIO QCP
Alex Svanevik
CEO & Co-founder Nansen Nansen
TN Lee
CEO & Co-founder Pendle Finance
Thanh LE
Founder Ninety Eight


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Alon Muroch
CEO & Co-founder SSV Network SSV Network
Sopnendu Mohanty
Chief Fintech Officer Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) Bermuda Monetary Authority
Elizabeth Wong
Director of Licensing & Head of Fintech unit Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission Securities and Futures Commission
Senior Executive Director - Authorization & Fintech ADGM KCG ADGM
Daranee Saeju
Assistant Governor Payment Systems Policy and Financial Consumer Protection Group Bank of Thailand
Konstantin Lomashuk
Co-founder Lido Lido Finance
Diogo Monica
Co-founder & Executive Chairman Anchorage
Sebastien Borget
COO & Co-founder The Sandbox The Sandbox
Tascha Punyaneramitdee
CEO & Founder INIT Capital INIT Capital
Ben Fielding
Co-founder Gensyn Gensyn
​Stani Kulechov
CEO & Founder Avara (formerly Aave) & Lens Protocol Lens Protocol
Michael Gronager
CEO & Co-founder Chainalysis Chainalisys
Tarun Chitra
CEO & Co-founder Gauntlet Gauntlet
CEO Pudgy Penguins Pudgy Penguins
Gabby Dizon
CEO & Co-founder Yield Guild Games Yield Guild Games
Sunny Aggarwal
CEO & Co-founder Osmosis Osmosis Labs
Steven Goldfeder
CEO & Co-founder Arbitrum Arbitrum
Niraj Pant
Co-founder Ritual Ritual
Sreeram Kannan
CEO & Co-founder EigenLayer
S. Y. (Seung Yoon) Lee
CEO & Co-founder Story Protocol Story Protocol
Jason Choi
Co-founder Tangen Ventures viking venture
Paul Veradittakit
Managing Partner Pantera Capital Pantera Capital
Jason Kam
Founder Folius Ventures Folius Ventures
Haseeb Qureshi
Managing Partner Dragonfly Dragonfly
Michael Shaulov
CEO & Co-founder Fireblocks Fireblocks
Annabelle Huang
Managing Partner Amber Group Amber Group
Julian Koh
CEO & Co-founder Aevo Aevo
Yoann Turpin
Co-founder Wintermute Wintermute
Mathias Imbach
Group CEO & Co-founder Sygnum Sygnum Singapore
Lukas Schor
CEO & Co-founder Safe Safe
Lily Liu
President Solana Foundation Solana Foundation
Adrian Brink
Co-founder Anoma Anomaly Science
Guy Young
Founder Ethena Labs Ethena Labs
Arisa Toyosaki
CEO & Co-founder Cega Cega
Ambre Soubiran
CEO Kaiko Kaiko
Sandeep Nawal
COO & Co-founder Polygon Polygon Labs
Tai Panich
CEO & Chief Venture and Investment Officer SCB 10X SCB 10X


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