The Threat of AI: 3 Reasons It Might Become Dangerous to Humans

The Threat of AI: 3 Reasons It Might Become Dangerous to Humans

Artificial Intelligence has changed our lives for the better. They have provided convenience and sophistication to a lot of our daily chores. Data management, medical operations, and repetitive tasks have all been effectively handled by AI. 

As AI is increasingly advancing, it poses a threat to the ones who created it, i.e., humans. The main aim of Artificial Intelligence was to provide ease and convenience to everyday tasks and procedures. The idea of automation stems from upgrading AI; developers and scientists wanted to reduce labor exposure to repetitive or tedious tasks, so machines and robotics were introduced to simplify things.

But now, these machines have gained too much autonomy that they can efficiently perform tasks without human intervention. Have you ever asked Alexa, Siri, or Google alarming questions like “Can AI take over the world?” Try it; you may become shocked by their replies. We have made AI so familiar in our daily lives that we use it subconsciously to perform simple tasks.

Humans have created Artificial Intelligence, but they are losing command over it. Why is AI becoming a threat, and can we overcome this problem? We have mentioned some solutions here.

Job Automation

Many laborers and employees have been working tirelessly at minimum wages. They are subject to doing tedious tasks that sometimes are life-threatening. To counter this problem, robotics and machinery were introduced. Their sole purpose was to aid these workers in their jobs, so they were less overworked. It also created a good office environment and more interaction among the employees.

But the automation provided by AI is a bit expensive. It does more work than humans, but costs double too, so the company owners decided to cut down their employees and replace them with machinery as they were getting better results and more productivity.

People must discover jobs that AI cannot replace to overcome this problem. They can look for work that requires human intervention or solely depends on manual work. If our local body authorities and the higher-ups do not find a solution or means of employment for the ones replaced by machines, then havoc could be wreaked by both AI and humans.

The Advent of the Deepfakes

How easy is it to face yourself toward your phone and unlock it? You don’t have to remember any passwords or wipe your finger repeatedly for your phone to recognize it. It seems like a helpful upgrade. Facial recognition is also used by security systems, through which they scan an individual’s face or eyes to let them into restricted places.

But have you seen Tiktoks and Youtube videos of twins or people with the same facial features who quickly unlock the owner’s phone? That is one of the drawbacks of facial recognition technology. People create fake videos of others without their permission. You must have seen how easily you can turn yourself into someone else through filters. 

Some individuals are using that for malicious purposes. It could end up ruining someone’s career or even their whole life. It has also become a threat to the security of higher-ups or prominent individuals, and there is no stopping it. The authorities try to cover up the incidents, but it gets worse every day.

AI-Enabled Weapons

To reduce the mortality rate of soldiers, the government decided to introduce AI robots to participate in the war. It is a good step towards betterment, but as the AI gets more upgrades, the less human intervention it needs. This might backfire and harm our people or innocent ones because they are machines; they will only kill. That’s what they are programmed for. Any malfunction happens, and we won’t be able to blame them for our fault. This could disrupt the peace instead of making things better.

We can make these machines less automatic, for example. Meaning a human should always be there to control them, even remotely. This could change the nature of the security of a country.

Ending Note

AI has been beneficial in automating our daily tasks. Cryptocurrency trading has become so easy through it. You can download an online broker like bitcode prime and trade without worry. It has also changed our work system for the better.

But some drawbacks are gradually becoming threats to our community. Government and the higher-ups should take steps to prevent those problems, otherwise AI could take over the world sooner than we expect it to.

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