Here’s Why You Should Pick Crypto Casinos

Here’s Why You Should Pick Crypto Casinos

Our list of top-rated BTC casinos provides an assortment of options for your enjoyment.

Even so, we know that games aren’t all you look at when considering a casino site.

Other factors make online casino websites ideal options for you to consider.

Crypto casinos usually have more to offer than traditional sites.

You may want to try cryptocurrency sites for this very reason.

Please keep the following information in mind when choosing your favorite casinos with cryptocurrency from our list.

Financial freedom

Compared to fiat currency, which is restrictive, crypto casino users enjoy the anonymity and financial freedom of using digital assets.

Let’s now discuss two common fiat issues that crypto solves.

Prevent bank interference

The trouble with fiat is that the bank knows you’re using casino websites once you deposit via bank transfer or card.

Indeed, most financial institutions won’t permit you to use your funds on any casino.

Banks simply won’t approve loans for anyone known to use casino sites.

Cryptocurrency casinos keep your hobby a secret, which can make all the difference.

Using Bitcoin makes it virtually impossible for the bank to know what you’re using your money for.

Also, the level of personal information you must provide to top-rated BTC casinos is rather low.

Since fiat-accepting casino websites have to follow Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations, they must ask for more personal data.

Shield yourself from problems with inflation

The higher inflation rises, the less value fiat has, meaning your money doesn’t go as far as it used to.

Users of Bitcoin believe it acts as a viable hedge against inflation.

While its value rises and falls rapidly, digital currency has the potential for significant long-term growth.

Investors often speak about the famous bull market, which happens when prices rise, leading to further investment.

Crypto investors know all about riding the bull market and understand that getting involved at the right time could lead to major gains.

There have already been several digital currency bull runs with more likely to follow.

Without question, there’s a chance that a big cryptocurrency casino win today could be worth even more in a few years.

Better transactions

Standard casino websites provide a transaction experience best described as ‘old-fashioned.’

They restrict users with high fees, slow processing times, and limits on withdrawals and deposits.

With cryptocurrency casinos, you can leave such annoyances behind you and enjoy a transaction experience as it should be.

Deposit and withdrawal speed

Regular casino companies are slower because of the processing times imposed by banks and credit cards.

Credit cards and banks will often prohibit your use of a site or even hold your funds, but crypto casinos make instant transactions possible.

Certain cryptos have a faster transaction time than others.


Fees for playing with Bitcoin are only a small fraction of what banks charge.

Yet, crypto carries ‘extras’ such as mining and payment processing fees.

If the casino website oversees processing transactions, there is an additional 1-3% fee.

Fortunately, the fee isn’t usually taken away from your deposits; it is added to withdrawals instead.

Also, please note that significant transaction fees will apply if a casino converts crypto into fiat.

Some casinos insist you don’t use crypto in certain instances, exposing you to a costly fiat switch.

We recommend checking our reviews to discover the best companies that allow crypto use on 100% of their games.

Deposit and Withdrawal Limits

Traditional online wagering is often subject to regulations that limit the size of your transactions.

Bitcoin casino websites have more reasonable limits and sometimes have none at all.

Bitcoin Bonuses

Crypto casinos typically have an assortment of bonuses not found on traditional casinos.

Therefore, you’ll find that using crypto is also financially rewarding.

Superior Customer Service and Modern Design

If you appreciate modern design, you’ll love wagering on Bitcoin casinos.

Good customer service is also essential so you can quickly and easily get your questions answered and problems resolved.

After all, happy customers are long-term customers, and that’s what every top-rated casino with crypto strives for.

The best part is that the top-rated crypto casino sites also offer end-to-end crypto.

End-to-end crypto means you can deposit, use, and withdraw crypto.

Find Your Favorite Crypto Casinos

There are a few things to consider when seeking a safe cryptocurrency casino that also caters to your requirements.

Here are the main points of concern our team focuses on when providing its recommendations.

From there, it is a question of knowing what your preferences are.

You want fun, easy to use, and trustworthy BTC casinos, and that’s why we put this list together.

Restricted countries

Legal restrictions dictate whether you can use casinos in your nation.

Accordingly, while all BTC casino websites are legally allowed in some locations, other places prohibit these sites entirely.

This is why we have reviewed each crypto casino to show you the sites available in your country.

You can select your preferred location at the top, right-hand side of this page.

Just click the flag and select the country you’re currently in. The list only shows the sites available in that location.


With so many crypto casinos to choose from, it is essential to learn about each one’s reputation.

Regrettably, many dubious standard sites exist and have no issue robbing people of their money.

A big part of our review process involves looking through a website’s online reputation.

In our search for legit crypto casinos, we analyze customer reviews and complaints, searching for anything that could cause concern.

Worthwhile licensing is another crucial element when reviewing BTC casinos.

Online casino licenses are not created the same, with some carrying far more weight than others.

We look into the standard of licensing held by cryptocurrency casino sites, along with the number of valid licenses they have.

Our team also speaks to real players of BTC casinos to give us a first-hand account of what they experienced.

We combine playing casino websites for hours and online investigations with chats with actual users.

Overall, you can rest assured that what you read in our review closely reflects what you’ll find once you play on a site.

Crucial UX factors

The best cryptocurrency casino sites offer many playing options.

Each crypto casino on this list has been researched and reviewed to ensure the best player experience possible for you.

We know that means more than just great games, so we’ll tell you what makes each site rank as one of the best.

Volume and variety of games

Although having great games alone doesn’t guarantee entertainment, it goes a long way!

As a result, the quality and quantity of games provided by crypto casino websites remain an important part of our review process.

Ideally, the site will have a large number of games along with a strong selection of highly-rated titles.

This is why we begin by checking out the total number of games on casinos with cryptocurrency, taking note of companies with thousands rather than hundreds.

Next, we focus on the overall quality of the games, taking into account real player reviews.

Deposit/withdrawal options

Virtually all casino companies enable you to use a debit/credit card or a bank transfer as payment methods.

However, the modern online casino site user expects greater flexibility with their payments.

We check out which payment options you have, emphasizing the cryptos you can use.

Also, we provide an insight into how long transactions take, most notably withdrawal times.

Does the casino with Bitcoin allow for smooth withdrawals, or does it hold things up and cause frustration?

Once we know, so will you!

Available bonuses and promotions

Realistically, cryptocurrency casinos can’t afford to be cheap when it comes to the bonuses they provide.

To this end, we look at:

  • The standard of the welcome bonus
  • The conditions you must meet to get the bonus
  • The regularity of promos and special offers
  • Whether there is value in the site’s VIP program

When combined, the above gives us, and you, an excellent overview of what to expect.

Customer support

Let’s say you made a withdrawal, but the money still hasn’t reached your account after several days.

You won’t care about that generous bonus provided by the crypto casino if there’s no one around to help you in your time of need.

We rate the speed of response, not to mention the level of training a customer service agent has.

Furthermore, we see if a site has live chat, an email address, and a phone number, and if the options are inadequate, we’ll tell you.

What Games Do Crypto Casinos Offer?

There’s no question that users want quick transaction times, anonymity, and reduced fees.

Nevertheless, if your casino provides low-quality games or a poor selection, everything else becomes irrelevant.

The above was one of the biggest complaints about early crypto casinos.

Yet modern Bitcoin casinos can rival or even exceed the quality and quantity of games their conventional rivals provide.

Each site that ranks high on our list achieves a perfect balance and will keep you entertained for hours.

We’ve found sites with several thousand games; most importantly, they provide all-time casino favorites.


Roulette remains a casino favorite, well over 200 years after the game’s invention in France.

While you can play on the American roulette wheel, the European version provides a better chance of winning.

Both include the numbers 1 to 36, but while the European wheel has one zero, the American option has two, meaning a bigger house edge.

While it is easy to get involved in roulette, making the right wagers depends on knowledge of odds.

We’ve made things a little easier to understand by outlining the Inside and Outside wagers, along with your chances of winning in European roulette.

How to win in roulette – Outside bets

As the name indicates, an outside bet is one you make on the outer section of the betting table.

Unlike inside bets, these plays are lower odds choices, reducing your possible payout but also making you more likely to win:

  • Bet on Color: Choose red or black and double your money in the event you’re right, although there’s a 51.35% chance you’re wrong
  • Even/Odd: Will the ball land on an even or odd number? The chances of you being right are about 48.65%
  • High/Low: Select between 1 and 18 or 19 and 36 to see if you can beat the odds (there’s a 51.35% chance you lose)
  • The Dozens: Select 1-12, 13-24, or 25-36 and hope the ball doesn’t land on zero for a 32.43% chance of success
  • Column Bet: If you’re feeling lucky and think you can beat the 67.57% chance of losing, try to predict which one of the three columns the ball will land in

How to win in roulette – Inside bets

If double or nothing isn’t exciting enough for you, look at the inside of the betting table for the big odds plays.

Most of the time, you’ll lose but get it right, and the payout is potentially substantial, as you’re about to see:

  • Single Number: Pick one number for a possible return of 36 times your stake and a 97.3% chance of losing
  • Split Bet: Select two numbers that are beside one another for a possible 17/1 win and a 94.59% chance you lose
  • Street Bet: Select three horizontal numbers and hope to overcome the 91.89% chance of losing
  • Corner Bet: With an 89.19% chance of losing, you have to decide if the 8/1 payout is worth it when you bet on any four numbers in an adjoining block
  • Double Street: As the name implies, you perform two street bets or six numbers with a 16.22% chance of winning


Though it probably wasn’t the first, Charles Fey’s Liberty Bell machine from the late 1800s is considered the prototype for the modern-day slot.

Nowadays, the machines on Bitcoin casino sites are far more complex than Fey’s invention, although the basic function hasn’t changed.

Ultimately, it is all about choosing your stake, pressing the ‘start’ button, and hoping you win!

Winning in Slots

Some slots games are more generous than others, so take some time to read their paytables.

If the payouts are too low for one game, see if another slot offers better possibilities.

The beauty of casinos with Bitcoin is the huge number of options to choose from.

Once you hit a winning combination after a spin, the site automatically adds the money to your existing balance.

If you dream of earning a fortune, consider slot games that offer progressive jackpots.

On rare occasions, the amount one can win is similar to a lottery jackpot.


If you watch TV or have seen a movie about casinos, you’ve likely heard of blackjack.

This French game is typically considered the best-loved casino card game with centuries of history behind it.

The aim of the game is simple: Get a score of up to 21 AND ensure it is a higher total than what the dealer has.

You get 10 points for face cards (J, Q, and K), 1 or 11 points for Aces, and the other cards keep their usual value.

If you’re lucky enough to get 21, you can expect the casino to add 50% to your winnings as a bonus.

You go ‘bust’ with a score of 22+ and lose your stake unless the dealer’s score also exceeds 21.

Interested in blackjack but aren’t sure of how to play? Never fear! We’ve collected a handful of fast tips to improve your chances of success.

The blackjack playbook

  • If you have a score of between 12 and 16, stand if the dealer’s total is between 2 and 6
  • Accept an extra card on 12-16 if the dealer has an Ace and a 7
  • Always split if you receive a pair of Aces or a pair of eights
  • Avoid accepting insurance as this lowers your chances of being profitable
  • Dealers go through hot or cold streaks, so it pays to start the game conservatively


This casino game is associated with elegance and was created sometime between the 15th and 19th centuries.

Choose between the banker or player when risking Bitcoin; both get two cards at the beginning.

The score everyone wants to achieve is 9 from the opening cards, but there is the option of a third card in some cases.

If your total is 10 or higher, you don’t go ‘bust’ and lose your money like you would in blackjack.

What happens is that the second number is now your score, so 18 becomes 8, for example.

Tens, Jacks, Queens, and Kings have no point value; Aces are worth a single point, while number cards keep their typical value.

Most crypto casinos have Punto Banco as the default version of the game, but look hard enough, and you’ll also find Baccarat Banque and Chemin de Fer.

There is a learning curve attached to baccarat, so here are some hints to help familiarize you with the game.

How to win at baccarat

  • Always side with the banker as it offers a lower house edge than the player unless the casino site charges a higher commission on banker bets
  • Avoid risking Bitcoin on the Tie as it provides the worst value for money
  • Remember that most casinos shuffle the deck after each bet, so there’s no reason to memorize patterns
  • Strategies such as 1326, D’Alembert, and Labouchere won’t work in the long term, so avoid using them
  • Remember that Chemin de Fer and Baccarat Banque are different from Punto Banco, so it may not pay to use the same strategy on all three

Video poker

Video poker is a relatively new game, with William Redd dreaming up the concept in the 1970s.

Draw Poker was among the first-ever versions of the game, released by Redd’s Sircoma company in 1979.

Video poker enables you to enjoy the thrill of five-card poker from the comfort of your home.

Typically, you need at least a pair of Jacks to win, although there are many variations on BTC casino websites.

A Royal Flush provides you with the biggest win, with hands such as a Straight Flush and 4 of a Kind also potentially lucrative.

In certain land-based casinos, video poker is one of the few games that could provide long-term profit with skilled play.

While this isn’t necessarily the case with poker on online casinos, learning tips and tricks can only help your chances.

Winning at video poker

  • Try to determine the house edge for the poker game you’re interested in before depositing
  • Check the paytable; certain games offer bigger payouts for hands such as a Flush or Full House than others
  • Slow down your play; this ensures you make better decisions, instantly reducing the house edge
  • If you receive a pair and a face card (J, Q, K) or an Ace, only hold the pair and discard the other cards
  • Discard all five cards if none of them include a J, Q, K, or Ace, unless you already have a pair or a possible flush/straight

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Bitcoin On Casino Websites

If you’ve never used Bitcoin to play, it can seem a bit confusing.

It’s a good idea to first familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of Bitcoin playing.

Defining Bitcoin

Let’s define what BTC is exactly.

To put it simply, Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency.

Bitcoin is a digital currency based on cryptography and peer-to-peer technology.

Transactions with Bitcoin are recorded anonymously on a public ledger on thousands of computers around the world.

Since the information is stored in many places instead of one, hacking is virtually impossible.

Benefits of Bitcoin

Consider a few of the advantages of using Bitcoin for wagering.

Bitcoin is widely accepted

BTC remains the best-known cryptocurrency, which means it is likely to keep a certain level of value even when other coins disappear.

A growing number of firms are adopting its use for transactions with financial programs now showing Bitcoin’s price alongside stocks, gold, and bonds.

Organizations like Subway, Burger King, and Microsoft now accept BTC as payment.

There is a limited number of Bitcoin

While some cryptocurrencies allow for permanent mining, there is a limit on the number of available Bitcoin.

The cap is set at 21 million, and it is worth noting that over 15% of this figure has been lost.

Consequently, the relative shortage of the #1 digital asset means it could retain its value.

Compare this to fiat currency, which has no limit on creation with paper money regularly printed.

It is widely accepted on crypto Casino Sites

Crypto sites tend to accept Bitcoin, and many include it as their #1 choice.

As a result, you should have few problems depositing or withdrawing on such casinos.

Bitcoin Drawbacks

While Bitcoin certainly has a bright future, it has some flaws.

High transaction fees

Bitcoin is notorious for its high transaction fees, and there’s no sign of any slowdown.

As the supply and demand gap is growing to the disadvantage of miners, their fees continue to rise.

With a BTC block size of 1MB, miners can only confirm this amount of transactions every 10 minutes.

Its transaction speed is moderate at best

Although it varies, a BTC transaction can take up to 40 minutes.

On the contrary, many other cryptos offer near-instant transactions.

The price might not be right

Few assets in history have enjoyed such a huge return as Bitcoin in the last few years.

Yet, like all assets, it has an upper price limit which is hard to predict.

Therefore, you may already be buying BTC at too high a price.

Certainly, its price won’t continue to rise at the same rate because if it did, it would surpass the GDP of the United States in a handful of years!

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