eBank Token Wallet – Automatic, Profitable and Safe Cryptocurrency Buying and Selling

eBank Token Wallet – Automatic, Profitable and Safe Cryptocurrency Buying and Selling

Bitcoin’s price recovery continues spur optimism among blockchain advocates, as it is increasingly looking like the months-long bear market is at an end. The problem is how to make trading profitable and safe?

With eBank mobile application, it provides direct connections with users and a one-stop service centre to satisfy all the crypto needs. Start trading, send and receive EBT, BTC, ETH & BTC cash with anyone across the world with multi-layer security mobile wallet.

This article would show how eBank Token Wallet can make your trading more profitable and secured.


eBank Technology Pte Ltd was registered and incorporated on Singapore in 2019. The developer team assembled in 2018 with the aim to develop eBank Wallet and eBank A.I Crypto.


Designed by eBank Technology developer team, eBank A.I Crypto automatically tracks, locates and trades base on the price difference to earn revenue. AI-crypto auto buys and sells Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT. Its biggest advantage is the eBank AI Crypto, which generates almost error-free arbitrage transactions despite high trade volume.


eBank Token Wallet is an online mobile wallet used for the purpose of storing your crypto currency with profit sharing concept, service payment and entertainment, like online blockchain.info and coinpayments.net online. However our eBank Token super wallet shall let you make profit (profit sharing concept). 6%-18% of monthly profit shall be allocated to your wallet.

eBank Token uses Artificial Intelligence in the system of electronic price difference on different exchanges. AI-Crypto automatically buys and sells Cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT. Exchange profits and referral benefits will share certain rates with users.

eBank wallet multi-currency wallets allow users to store 10 major crypto coins: ebank, Bitcoin, Ethereum, bitcoin cash, Litecoin, XRP, TRX, BNB and USDT.

A wallet has 5 layers of crypto security protection. The technical team of eBank Token considers users’ safety top priority and provides a safe and comfortable usage environment for global users.


Like blockchain.info, coinpayments.net and token.im, instead of keeping your token in your online wallet or exchange wallet, it is better to keep in eBank Token mobile wallet to make profit. This may reduce the loss of profit when your coin/token is reduced in the market. When the coin market price increases, you will gain more than others.

For example, you will receive 1,000 USD per month on average if you invest 10,000 USD in AI crypto. If you refer a friend to join with 10,000 USD, you will get 60% of what they earn. In this case, they will get 1,000 USD per month and you will get 600 USD per month (direct line).

Please note that you can start investing in AI-Crypto with a minimum value of 100 USD and a maximum of 30,000 USD. Let’s share profit and this wonderful thing to your friends!

For further information, contact us:

Website: https://www.ebanktoken.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eBankTechnology/
LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/2GDvMhQ
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ebanktoken
Telegram: https://t.me/eBankToken
Youtube: https://bit.ly/2VkBG0x
Email: support@ebanktoken.com
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