Cubomix # Online Farm Game Platform Review (2021)

Cubomix # Online Farm Game Platform Review (2021)

Cubomix is a utility platform that gives everyone the opportunity to participate in the world’s token trading for the future of gaming and investment.


Considering the development trends of the digital gaming sector in the global economy, despite the fact that it is considered a new sector technologically, especially after the 2000s, it seems that the latest product has gained a huge growth momentum with the increasing technological opportunities and the possibility of purchasing it completely digitally. Thus, the growth and marketing potential of the sector has also increased significantly. Due to this situation, the digital game sector, which had a sunday size of 35.3 billion euros in 2008 all over the world, reached a size of 47.7 billion euros by 2014. It is expected that this growth trend will continue to increase in the coming period with the development of technological opportunities (for example, virtual games, augmented reality technologies are also included in the sector in areas such as infrastructure and hardware).

Why Cubomix ?

Cubomix is a utility platform that gives everyone the opportunity to participate in the world’s token trading for the future of gaming and investment.

* The Cubomix platform provides a best-inclass gaming experience and an easy-to-use user interface.
* The Cubomix Platform provides solutions to individuals and businesses exploring alternative aspects of gaming and earning through tokenization.

A limited number of characters are created. The character can be purchased, resold or improved. * The NFT currency market is the products that are harvested, including farm, crops, seeds, crops, livestock.

What Cubomix ?

Cubomix is a farm development game. By contributing to the production of cubomix with your special animals, you are entitled to receive farming and piling rewards. You can get a larger share of the prize pool by checking your special animals regularly to help them level up. All animals are produced in limited quantities. You can sell your animals on the Cubomix sunday, as well as trade with CBMX in your mining operations. Remember that animals need you to take care of them regularly.

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Level 1 Characters

Cubomix token Details

Start the game, get your character to the second level and start fighting in the arena. Level 1 characters only have the ability to make a farm, while Level 2 characters will be able to earn income by making a farm, as well as by fighting their characters in the arena.

Buy Cubomix

Join the Cubomix Pre-sale
# You can buy a limited number of CBMX Tokens.

How To Buy ?

*Go to the Cubomix website.

*Register On The Web Site.

*Then go to the Buy page.

*You can buy it manually or using the Metamask Option.

CBMX = 1 $

# Minumum Buy: 0.5 BNB

Buy Cubomix

Cubomix Airdrop

To earn 25 CBMX tokens for free, Visit the Cubomix Airdrop Page.

# 8,000 Users will be awarded with a draw from all participants.

Join Cubomix Airdrop
Join Airdrop

CBMX Token Details

Token supply: 10,000,000 CBMX

Token distribution:
Pre-sale – 20%
Marketing – 4%
Team – 4%
Airdrop – 2%
Advisers- 3%
Business Expenses- 2%
Game farming/Staking – 65%
Token Details
Ticker: CBMX
Max Total Supply:10,000,000 CBMX

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