Why the Gay Community is in Favor of a Cryptocurrency Targeting LGBT People

Why the Gay Community is in Favor of a Cryptocurrency Targeting LGBT People

The gay community knows how to fight for its right, and now gays are playing a great role in the cryptocurrency world. The LGBT token already exists, and “Pink Economy” is a legit term. No one knows what will be next, be we know why the gay community wants a cryptocurrency just for LGBT people.

Cryptocurrency Built by the LGBT Community for the LGBT Community

Nobody understands the LGBT community better than its members, so when the LGBT Foundation introduced the “LGBT token,” it raised a lot of dust. Gays all around the world started reading about it, investing, and trading that new currency. Some companies in San Francisco were the first to accept “LGBT token” as payment for their goods and services. That was in 2018, and since then, the token has gained in popularity and value.

However, the LGBT Foundation started the “LGBT token” because of reasons not related to money. Of course, they wanted to give their members a universal currency that’s easy to use and trade, but they also wanted to make an impact. And oh boy, did they make an impact! It might change the whole world, but more about that later. The direct benefits gays have from the “LGBT token” are:

  • LGBT Identity Management – it’s easier for gays to verify their identity and stay safe in countries where gay still isn’t ok.
  • Pink Economy – showing the world how potent gays and other LGBT members are when it comes to the economy
  • LGBT impact – every investor is offered to set a small portion of tokens aside every year. Those tokens are then used to finance activities organized by the LGBT Foundation.

You see, money is just a bonus in the story of LGBT cryptocurrencies. Fighting for equality is the main goal.

LGBT Token as a Payment Method for Services on Gay Dating Sites

When two huge industries collide, it results in a disaster or a miracle. Combining cryptocurrencies with online dating is certainly one of the miracles. Not only will it make online dating more popular among gay members, but it also opens a lot of room for economic growth for everybody included. By implementing the “LGBT token” as one of the payment methods, gay dating sites will also make it easier for their members to pay for subscriptions. As long as related sites are on their way to developing crypto payments for dating services, their popularity among minorities will only grow stronger.

Along with satisfying the main desire of the singles – finding a partner for a given request – online dating platforms will also be able to satisfy the desire of a gay user to be involved in the growth of the economic potential of the global LGBT community. Such dating sites that understand the gay community will give a tiny percentage of tokens back to the community to help its activities. That might create an endless magic loop of love and money.

Additionally, that may show other online businesses the benefits of using LGBT cryptocurrencies. Introducing LGBT currencies will attract more clients (customers) and show they are open-minded.

Digital Currency For Gay Minorities Brings Crypto to the Global “Pink Economy”

When a community has a buying power of $3.7 trillion, it holds a lot of money and power in its hands. That’s how powerful LGBT adults were in 2019 (if they’re all put together). Pink economy is only getting stronger with time, so it’s not surprising they are implementing crypto. They want to keep pace with the rest of the global economies.

That will have numerous positive effects on the global LGBT community. Gays won’t have to worry about money because they’ll have savings in LGBT cryptos that value more every day. But, LGBT cryptos may also help the global economy. Who knows, maybe everyone will be using Pink Money in the future.

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