CryptoGames Review: What You Should Know About This Casino

CryptoGames Review: What You Should Know About This Casino

Crypto.Games is an online cryptocurrency casino that has simplified the gaming process for users. The platform makes it easy for players to access the most popular games while maintaining a low house edge. This enables players to reap as many benefits as they possibly can while playing the games that they love.

First Impression About The Website

The CryptoGames homepage was designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. It has a minimalistic design that effectively conveys the casino’s unique selling proposition, which is its simplicity and social feature, which enables the players to easily connect with and play their favorite games using the cryptocurrency of their choice.

The most fundamental information is found on this page. These are winning bets made by players, the payouts that they received, an overview of available games, and the general features of the casino.

The homepage effectively conveys the message without distracting the visitor. The top navigation menu consists of only three pages. These are the Blog, FAQ, and PLAY NOW! This ensures that the visitor is not distracted by unnecessary details at this point and yet has all the sections of the website within reach.

Clicking the blog menu opens an inner page that displays in detail the services available at CryptoGames. This is where all the game categories available at the casino are listed. The page also features background details on the company and operators of the casino, as well as its forum, membership program, and promotions. The PLAY NOW menu opens a pop-up page to the casino’s popular dice game, inviting you to play with any of several cryptocurrencies.

Operation and Licensing

CryptoGames is operated by MuchGaming B.V., its parent company. The casino’s operational headquarters are located at Korporaal Weg 10, Willemstad, Curaçao, where it was issued operational license No. 8048/JAZ. This means that the casino is regulated and authorized to operate by the Government of Curaçao.

CryptoGames has been in operation since 2014, making it one of the most established casinos around. It is equally important to note that the casino has taken advantage of its experience to build a solid reputation among punters in the crypto community.

Languages is mainly an English-based casino at the moment. This is not surprising since it is a relatively new casino. It is possible that it will expand to serve non-English speakers down the line.

Registration and Account Setup

To register at CryptoGames, use the Sign Up button. You’ll be required to enter your email and username. You’ll be able to log in after confirming your email. It is worthy of note that it is also possible to use the casino anonymously. Clicking on the Play Now button opens a pop-up page where the user can select a crypto payment method. The next page will assign them a username and prompt them to check the CryptoGames terms of service and privacy. Then they’ll have to fill out the captcha before trying out the faucet. However, to make a deposit and place a real bet, the user has to sign up properly using their email. The casino insists on one account per user.

Pros and cons


  • Maintains a cold wallet, thereby ensuring that the casino funds are off-limits to hackers.

  • CryptoGames is a well-funded casino, so users are assured of the payment of their winnings.

  • Supports USD deposits via bank cards through its on-ramp integration, giving fiat holders access to its games.

  • Users can set transaction fees for withdrawals.


  • Restricts access for users in some countries.

  • The VIP membership is quite competitive and almost the preserve of high rollers.

CryptoGames Casino Features

CryptoGames has all the basic features that make for a great online casino. Some of the features include:

VIP Membership

The CryptoGames VIP membership gives users exciting benefits that enrich their gaming experiences. The membership is the exclusive preserve of leaderboard members. These are mainly users who earned the top spots in the CryptoGames monthly wagering contest and top punters that placed bets using the various supported cryptocurrencies.

The benefits enjoyed by these high-roller members include:

  • A lower house edge on dice: VIP members access the casino’s dice games at a house edge 20% lower at 0.8%.

  • High betting speeds devoid of server-side delays.

  • A 10x increase in exchange limit, up to 1 BTC daily.

  • Access to the casino’s secret chatroom, where they are attended to by the casino manager.

  • $100 Birthday gift for verified VIP members who notify the casino support of their birthdays via emails.

  • Higher lever at the casino faucet, enabling the member to claim more rewards at the casino faucet.

  • Regular redeemable vouchers are sent via email.

Progressive Jackpot

CryptoGames players are automatically entered into the casino’s ever-increasing jackpot when they place bets on the casino’s roulette and dice games. This gives every player the opportunity to win big while playing any of these games.

Provably Fair Games

The games at CryptoGaming are provably fair. Users can use third-party applications and in-house tools to verify this and the winnings of other bettors.

Fast Withdrawal

Users of the platform can choose the withdrawal speed that they desire. CryptoGames has personalized withdrawal speeds to meet the various demands of their customers. Those who need their funds sent really quickly can set the speed to high, while those who are not in a hurry can use medium or low speed for their withdrawals. Transaction fees for high-speed withdrawals are higher than those for medium- and low-speed withdrawals.

Low House Edge

CryptoGames is designed to give players the best chance of winning. This can be seen from the low house edge of just 1% in most of the games at the casino. This is a great deal for players and increases their chances of winning at the casino. Popular games such as Dice, Jackpot, Keno, Minesweeper, and DiceV2 all have a 1% house edge.

Bank-Grade Security

CryptoGames demands minimal data prior to signing up, helping to protect the privacy of its users. Users can enhance the security of their accounts by enabling two-factor authentication.

Available Games

Here are the games available at CryptoGames:

Dice: This game allows the player to predict the outcome of the dice rolls to win.

Dicev2: This is an upgraded version of the dice game where players also predict the outcome of the dice rolls.

Slot: In this game, the player triggers winnings, bonuses, or even a jackpot by spinning a virtual wheel. The objective is to align certain symbols with the final outcome.

Blackjack: This game enables you to beat the dealer’s hand without going over 21. It’s actually popularly known as 21 in some places.

Roulette: The player predicts where the ball will end up after being spun on a wheel. They win if they predict correctly.

Video Poker: This five-card draw game challenges a player to win the payout if they match the winning combination.

Minesweeper: Avoid the mines by predicting the safe zones in the grid in this adaptation of the traditional computer minesweeper game.

Plinko: In this game, players cause a dropped ball to end up in high-value slot holes to maximize their winnings.

Keno: In this lottery-style game, the player selects numbers from a pool with the hope that random drawings match their selected numbers. Payouts depend on how closely the player’s number selection matches the draws.

Lottery: This game of luck involves a random drawing of numbers or symbols after the players have bet on theirs. The winning player is the person whose number or symbol matches the draw.

Payment Methods for Deposits and Withdrawals

CryptoGames is a Bitcoin and altcoin casino that supports the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Monero, Solana, and Gas DAO.

Minimum Deposits and Withdrawals

Only fully registered members can make deposits at the casino. The minimum deposits supported by the platform are:

0.0001 Bitcoin, 0.001 Bitcoin Cash, 0.01 BNB, 0.01 Dash, 0.01 Ether, 0.02 Ether Classic, 20 Dogecoin, 0.01 Litecoin, 0.01 Monero, 0.001 Solana, 0.02 GAS

Deposits smaller than the specified amounts will not be credited.

The minimum first withdrawal permitted at CryptoGames is 0.001 BTC or its altcoin equivalent. Subsequent minimum withdrawals are 0.0005 BTC or its altcoin equivalent.

CryptoGames Leveling System

Users of the casino earn points from their day-to-day activities on the platform. These points are awarded when the player places bets, refers other players, or chats on the platform. These activities graduate the users from level 0 up to the next level. As the user’s level increases, so do their rewards at the CryptoGames faucet. Another in-house reward system is Rain, which is awarded to members for participating in various activities such as chats. Users who want to try the casino games without making initial deposits can also make use of the faucet as a free play tool.

Community Reputation

There are several positive feedbacks for the casino, as seen on Bitcointalk. Worldofcoins posted this:

“I got myself registered on this site a long time ago. But I didn’t use it for some reason. However, on this forum, I can see a lot of positive feedback from the users. Also, your promotions went very well and were attractive. So, I will try this site again.”

In a response, another user, Bitcampaign, wrote,

“This casino has been around for a long time. Do you really doubt that? While we know that Cryptogames has never had any cases with negative accusations in this forum and always gets positive feedback, I am an active user there too and often play their casino games. I think you should give it a try.”


CryptoGames is one of the more established Bitcoin and altcoin casinos around. The company has built a good reputation for itself and increasingly receives positive feedback from the gaming community due to the quality of its service.

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