Crypto Game Guide: Which Games Help You Earn Money Online

Crypto Game Guide: Which Games Help You Earn Money Online

Whether you are a casual and hardcore gamer, you probably dream of earning money from video games. Due to block chain technology, you can now play and win on crypto casinos. The crypto gaming world is worth billions of dollars and you could profit from it.

Play-to-earn crypto games allow you to enjoy fantastic gameplay and the chance to make profits.  You can transfer your winnings to a cryptocurrency wallet or purchase NFTSs.

Also, you can sell or trade them for currencies or tokens for real-world payments. Today, some of the top crypto games trade millions of dollars in value daily. Here are a few of the best crypto games.

1.     Gods Unchained

Running on Ethereum, Gods Unchained uses Immutable X. This ensures free peer-to-peer trade between the decentralized apps. You can complete up to 9000 transactions per second (TPS). The game involves players fighting against other players using genesis cards, core cards, and a deck of cards. Although you can earn free core cards while playing the game, card packs are available for sale if you want to bypass grinding.

However, these card packs are no longer in production and were sold before the game launched. Thus, you need to purchase them from another gamer if you want to use them.

You can buy and sell all the cards offered in the game in the immutable X marketplace. It would help if you also remembered that every card has its stats and the rarest cards are the most expensive.

Register for an online casino account and start playing. Due to the rapid increase of fake online gaming platforms, you need to find legitimate online casinos to avoid losing your money.

As a new player, you will receive free sets of cards, to begin with. The game also has its ERC-20 cryptocurrency, known as the GODS token. It is currently trading at $6.69, making it one of the top gaming tokens available.

2.     Plants VS Undead

Plants vs. Undead’s farm mode will keep you engaged with the chance to earn light energy. Gamers manage their farms and produce Light Energy (LE), the game’s in-game currency.

You can make money by playing the game by controlling your in-game assets through NFTs. You can also convert the Light Energy tokens to PVU tokens that you can trade on decentralized exchanges (DEXs).

It would be best to harvest seeds, accomplish daily tasks, and do anything else regarding the farm to earn LE. You can also put the NFT pants up for sale on the marketplace.

Common NFT plants go for around 10 PVU tokens, while rare ones can fetch up to 100 PVU tokens. Some players can concentrate on selling NFTs on marketplaces, while others focus on planting and earning light tokens.

3.     Axie Infinity

In August 2021, Axie Infinity became the first Ethereum-based NFT game to reach $1 billion in sales. Currently, its active users number over 1 million. Created by Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese company, Axie Infinity is the most popular NFT game in the market right now.

It draws inspiration from Pokemon, allowing players to create a team of creatures known as Axies, which you can use to fight other players or enemies in Arena and Adventure modes.

The game has two cryptocurrencies, Axie Infinity Token (AXS) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP). Featuring in the game’s PVP leaderboard earns you AXS, while winning arena matches and completing levels in adventure mode can earn you SLP.

To breed an Axie, you need both tokens, and the process is only possible if you already possess two Axies. Every Axie is an NFT with individual body parts that determine its rarity and skills. They usually sell for between $100 and $1000, but scarce ones can fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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