Avoteo. One decision that positively impacted my life.

Avoteo. One decision that positively impacted my life.

A few years have gone-by since I made the best decision in my life.. investing in Avoteo.

Today, 5 years later, I want to share what exactly went through my mind when investing in Avoteo and where this journey has taken me in 5 years.

In 2022 I already had some experience with cryptocurrencies.
I had built up a decent portfolio and hoped that one of these projects would yield huge profits. No further investments were planned.

About ten years before 2022, a friend of mine had approached me about a digital currency that he thought would not only change, but improve and revolutionise the world.

A currency that was not regulated by the state?
This will surely turn out to be a colossal failure. I smirked and had declined the offer. I would not want to have any part in this nonsense. Bitcoin was worth around $2 at that time.

My regret came a short time later, especially in December 2017 where Bitcoin had already skyrocketed to $19 000. The rest is history.

If we could turn back time, we can agree that our hearts would yearn at the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin earlier, especially in 2011.

In 2017, whilst I was regeretting missing one of the biggest opportunity in my life, my friend was already financially independent and lived the life others could only dream of.

I had convinced myself that the $1000 investment, which would have been 500 bitcoins at that time, would be better invested elsewhere.
To be fair, on one hand $1000 was a lot of money which would mean I would had to quit smoking for about 4 months, on the other if I had only taken the risk then, the rewards would have massively outweighed the cons.

Enough reminiscing about missed opportunities.

Anyways, back in 2022 I was part of a telegram community and one user profile had caught my eye. This user had added “avoteo.io” to his username.
He was really active in the group and I had found much of his posts interesting as we had shared views about certain topics.
After some research it turned out that AVOTEO was a new project, more a vision than a finished product. An ICO. Another one of thousands at that time.

But something was different this time around. Something had really caught my attention here. Maybe it was intuition, maybe it was the design of the website, or maybe it was just the guy with the funny abbreviation behind the name.

I can’t exactly say anymore. I believed it would be worth my time having at least read through the whitepaper.
Hardly anyone does that.
It was the era of thousands of meme coins, NFTs, and other projects that had no purpose or value. 99% of them no longer exist today, in 2027. Most people made a quick buck and got rich, but even more lost a fortune.

Back to Avoteo, fifteen minutes into reading about the vision, something clicked and it was clear to me: this project was different. Very different from the shitcoins that were common at that time.
A project that was easy to understand for both crypto enthusiasts and the average Tom next door.
You buy the coins, visit the platform and vote for projects you like. The startups share their profits with Avoteo and Avoteo shares them with their users.

Simply ingenious and ingeniously simple.

After further research, I had decided to invest in Avoteo. Certainly, looking back 5 years later, greatest decision of my life. I have not sold a single token. I have not even traded or moved them since acquiring the tokens.
Regular buybacks and burning events have shrunk the original 1,000,000,000 AVO to just under 270,000,000, which has increased the value of each token immensely. The 3% distributed every transaction has almost doubled the amount of the tokens I had since its inception.
But the best part of it all is: I used my right to vote every month. Almost 10 of the startups I voted for are now successful companies that are growing and generating profits every year, and I have a stake in them thanks to Avoteo.

30 minutes of research that has changed my life for the better. Today there is hardly anyone who has never heard of Avoteo and I am part of this wonderful community. Part of a great story and a vision that has changed the dreams of many people.

If you live in 2022 and happen to read this, take the time, go to https://avoteo.io and get informed.
Life always gives you a chance. It is up to you to seize the opportunity.

Do not miss the opportunity.
Invest today in the visions of tomorrow.

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