As a16z VC Group Chooses a London Base, How Could Shiba Memu Benefit?

As a16z VC Group Chooses a London Base, How Could Shiba Memu Benefit?

Crypto news has been energized by reports that US venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z) is set to open a London office this year, which will be its first non-US based site. Chris Dixon, a16z’s crypto founder and head honcho, cited the increasing regulatory actions by US government departments against crypto firms as one of the main reasons behind the expansion. Following positive discussions with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, a16z will broaden its horizons in the UK.

Crypto news outlets are beginning to wonder whether a16z’s expansion to the UK will lead a pack of US-based crypto firms to exit the country and find new bases for their operations. Meanwhile, crypto news analysts are also wondering what the impact might be on new coins such as Shiba Memu, now in one of the hottest new crypto presales.

Why is a16z’s London office big crypto news?

Venture capitalists such as a16z have always supported blockchain innovation, mainly in the US. However, the recent strengthening of US regulations governing crypto and securities has begun to strangle the market at home, leading to several leading crypto firms and investment bodies seeking a more favorable regulatory environment to explore elsewhere.

The move of a16z to expand to London sees the VC colossus making its first steps outside the US, broadening its reach to new markets. Whether or not a16z will reduce investment in the US remains to be seen. However, it has recently announced a new “Crypto Startup School” (CSS) program in London next year to attract British and international entrepreneurs keen on an enterprising Web3 career. This could lead to the next hot crypto presale coming from European or British shores.

As more venture capitalists and entrepreneurs — like a16z —  leave the US to explore less heavily regulated markets, new tokens like Shiba Memu have a chance to share their tricks with a wider audience. This could be a reason for a16z to take a fresh look at this dog’s crypto presale, which started in July.

Shiba Memu isn’t your average doggy meme coin

Shiba Memu has already been showing what a good pup it is on crypto news sites and blockchain enthusiasts with its groundbreaking plans that could put it at the head of the pack in the meme coin sector. The platform’s new meme coin isn’t your average dog. Its offering sees the use of advanced AI technologies to help it self-market on social media platforms, online forums, and websites.

So, how does it work? The Shiba Memu protocol uses an advanced natural language processing (NLP) algorithm to automate its marketing campaigns by interacting autonomously with online users to understand how investors view its token, SHMU. Then Shiba Memu plugs investor sentiment feeds into an advanced machine learning algorithm that allows Shiba Memu to recognize what is and isn’t working effectively and adjust its marketing strategies accordingly.

Shiba Memu can also sniff out organic mentions of the project online, whether in text or through its native cyber pup meme. Shiba Memu’s AI protocol can adjust the tone and target audience for its next promotional campaign by analyzing whether investor sentiment is broadly positive or negative.

How does SHMU work?

The native SHMU coin powers the revolutionary AI capability that drives Shiba Memu’s self-promotional work. The platform features an interactive AI dashboard that allows users to track and view the success of marketing campaigns while keeping a keen eye on a record of all online interactions made by Shiba Memu’s autonomous AI protocol.

The SHMU token unlocks the ability for users to interact directly with the dashboard using AI technology similar to that used by popular AI chatbot programs such as Chat-GPT. User feedback and suggestions can be provided, with users gaining crypto rewards like dog treats for each idea the algorithm adopts, such as targeting a particular forum or website.

The platform’s toolkit allows Shiba Memu to assess enormous amounts of market data infinitely faster than 100 humans could, leading to more accurate predictions of future price movement. As the AI capability for this smart pup evolves and grows, these predictions will become more accurate as the protocol understands the success of each marketing strategy. As a result, SHMU has a great chance to reach its undoubted full potential.

How high can SHMU jump?

Meme coins such as SHMU often experience quick spikes in price, driving 100x returns before losing up to 90% of their value in a matter of weeks. To protect against this, the team at Shiba Memu has devised a revolutionary way of running their presale event to raise as much as it can during its eight week presale.

This innovative and highly appealing ICO will launch at $0.011125 before increasing daily by a fixed amount of $0.000225. Anyone investing on day one will see the most significant returns on their SHMU holding, with a 12.13% increase by day seven, a 40.45% increase by day 21, and a vast 119.33% increase by day 60, when the token price will reach $0.0244. The current price increase stands at 6.07%.

Shiba Memu (SHMU) could be the best crypto investment in 2023

Crypto news outlets are speculating whether the a16z move to London is the beginning of a broader shift of crypto markets from the US to other parts of the globe. While this remains to be seen, there’s no question that the innovation and excitement around Shiba Memu could be the start of a seismic shift in the meme coin sector.

The exciting makeup of the Shiba  Memu (SHMU) presale event means that the earlier investors reserve their tokens, the greater the profits grow daily. Never before has it been more important to get involved with a presale without delay. With plenty of utility available with the SHMU coin — a rarity in the meme coin sector — the sky’s the limit for this exciting AI-powered blockchain protocol.

You can buy SHMU during the presale here.

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