The Popularity of Crypto Online Casinos in Canada

The Popularity of Crypto Online Casinos in Canada

Online gaming took an unprecedented turn when cryptocurrency was included in the payment options that gamblers can use to deposit and withdraw funds. More gamers, especially those who wanted to stay under, finally got a chance to play online games without disclosing their identity.

Several business partners merged to create partnerships intending to set up online casinos Canada . Several years down the line, crypto casinos are a pastime that many gamblers can’t get enough of in Canada. What exactly makes these sites popular among Canadian bettors? We find out below.

Quick cash deposits

Waiting times are the worst, especially for gamblers eager to try out new casino games. Before the crypto era,  players had to contend with long waiting hours before accessing their deposited funds. Some options would take days, especially when a player used direct bank transfer or cheques.

Crypto casinos changed these dynamics, making it easy for gamblers to begin wagering instantly.

Fast withdrawals

Cashing out was an equally painstaking experience for gamblers. Once you win some funds, it would take a minimum of two business days to receive your funds. The withdrawal process was somewhat of a mini-interrogation that required players to provide their information before being allowed to withdraw.

Thankfully, crypto casinos came into the picture and reduced the work wager fanatics had to do before receiving their fund. These sites only require the gamer to key in their wallet ID to wire the funds.

On the gamer’s end, their key allows them to spend their money online on whatever they need or even gamble.

Unlimited withdrawal caps

Before the reign of cryptocurrencies, withdrawing funds was slow, and there was a limit to how much a gambler could withdraw each month. Avid bettors that enjoyed frequent wins could not access all their winnings at one go, especially players that hit the jackpots.

Depending on the kind of banking options available, the limit would go up or down, but it was never more than $10,000 or its equivalent. Thanks to the new payment options, gamblers can cash out as much as possible without worrying about the roof caps.

Secure money transactions

There is always the risk of receiving unwanted scrutiny when playing online casino games. The frequent transactions in and out of your casino account can easily make you a target. Anyone with the know-how can track your moves.

And if you do not have a strong password, the risk of losing your funds increases significantly. Cryptocurrency casinos beefed up security when it comes to transacting with casinos. The highly encrypted key made it challenging for anyone without the right combination to access funds in your wallet. The fact that the transactions are untraceable made these sites even more popular among the wagering community.

Anonymous gambling

There’s nothing as beautiful as the ability to do anything on the internet without anyone managing to trace your activities. Conventional payment options have online prints that can easily be traced to an individual.

These easily disclose your identity to people you may not want to know about your wagering habit. Crypto casinos became more popular among betting enthusiasts because they could easily send and receive cash without risking disclosing their identity online.

And while crypto gaming is not necessarily anonymous, the interlocked blockchain technology makes it challenging for anyone to trace each wallet’s user, making it a safer gambling option.

Minimal setup steps

Your name, ID, address, and payment option, among other details, are the information most casinos ask for during the setup process. Withdrawing and depositing would also require you to provide more intel to ascertain you are the rightful owner of the account you link to the casino.

Crypto casinos reduced this process by almost three quarters. All a player needs is a wallet with funds in it to start enjoying their favorite online games. Gamblers only have to find a casino that supports their cryptocurrency and start gaming without the in-between shenanigans.

Lucrative freebies

Gifts keep gamers going when they run out of funds, and crypto betting dens know how to keep their clients hooked to the games. These sites offer an array of freebies that include lifetime cashback, deposit bonuses, and random gifting options.

What’s more, these sites do not pin some of those unscrupulous wagering restrictions on their clients. These and many more attributes have made such casinos popular in Canada.

Global access

Some casinos do not allow players from restricted jurisdictions to set up wagering accounts on their sites. These gamblers would have to visit the unrestricted restrictions to access online wagering activities.

When gambling using cryptocurrencies became a thing, a significant number of these bettors could now access betting services from all over the globe. Players do not need to worry about traveling to these regions as long as they have an active crypto wallet.

Withdrawing their funds was not always a guarantee, especially when the casino discovers they are in arestricted region, but at least they got a chance to play in an online casino for once.

No minimum deposits

A minimum deposit cap is one of the restrictions that players have to deal with when they sign up as members of online betting dens. This would have been okay if all gamblers had the same bankrolls. Unfortunately, it isn’t the case. Some have limited funds, while others are heavily endowed with cash.

The low rollers suffer when an online casino dictates how little they can deposit into the account. Crypto gaming made this a level ground for all bettors since these casinos do not command how little or much gamblers can deposit.

Plenty of cryptocurrencies to choose from

In the beginning, players only had a few selections to choose from. Veteran cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dogecoin dominated the wagering scene. Over time, the numbers increased when the demand for crypto gambling increased.

Today, gamblers can pick from over 50 cryptocurrencies that are available online. And while these coins are not all readily available on one site, perusing through the available crypto casino games will have you gaming to your best slots in no time.

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