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The Seinen Family going to the Moon!
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关于 Seinen

999 Lost, Defeated and Heartbroken Seinen Warriors trying to re-build their lives on the Solana Blockchain.


  • 1.0 - Community

  • This is the current phase. Growing the community and building hype around our project. Selling out our NFT collection will be crucial for our ecosystem to stay sustainable. Only once the hype will be in the air and everyone will know who the Seinen Dynasty is will it be the right moment for the next phase.
  • 1.1 - Mint

  • Mint will be announced, we will have 600 seinlist + 120 OG spots ready for our early supporters and the rest will be left for the public. We will create our own minting website. Our collection will be listed on all major marketplaces including Magic Eden, Opensea and Solanart.
  • 1.2 - Post-mint

  • Mint has been successful and we have sold out. Between 30% and 70% of the money coming from minting will be reinvested in the following :
    Further development of our utilities which includes : staking, breeding and merch.
    Paying staff.
    We will be investing 10% from all royalties into the community :
    Hosting other online community events.
  • 1.3 - Staking

  • Within a week from the mint we will be releasing our first utility : Staking. You will be able to stake your Seinen and earn $SEW for 60 days. That is where a lot of our competition projects plan ends but had we decided to stop here $SEW would have no utility and would be bound to drop in price and would start its road to 0. That is why we will give utility to our coin.
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  • 1.4 - Breeding

  • We will not talk about any details as to how many Seinens or how much $SEW you’ll need to breed that is what you’ll need. Breeding will give use to our coin which in the long run will make staking sustainable and Seinen’s won’t start depreciating like crazy because … “Oh shit ! Our village is under attack !"


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