RUOK Token

RUOK Token

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RUOK Token项目将通过社交媒体和其他媒体的追随者和支持者进行一系列总共2000万个代币的空投。一旦额外的社交媒体频道加入,其余的500万Airdrop / Bounty Tokens将用于赠品和目标奖励。 2500万美元的RUOK代币捐赠代币将被转移并存储在公开可见的钱包中。在ICO完全售出后,社区将帮助确定捐赠的捐助者。
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关于 RUOK Token

According to the World Health Organization, around one in every four people worldwide will suffer from a mental health condition at some point throughout their lives. This makes mental health one of the biggest health issues facing modern society. Often simply being able to let someone know you are there and ready to support them is all that is needed to help someone suffering from mental health condition make the first step towards receiving treatment.

The negatives of social media can often be a trigger for problems as people try to live up to unrealistic expectations set online and also due to the prevalence of online trolls means that the social media world can at times be a very uncomfortable place. RUOK can be used to fight this negativity in the social media world by giving as a gift of support to someone in need.

The RUOK Token Project will get underway with a series of airdrops of a total of 20 Million Tokens to followers and supporters across Social Media and other outlets. The remaining 5 Million Airdrop/Bounty Tokens will be used for giveaways and targeted bounties once additional Social Media Channels come on board. The 25 Million RUOK Token Donation tokens will be transferred and stored on a publicly visible wallet. The community will help determine the benefactors of the donations after the ICO is fully sold.

The sale of the RUOK Token will continue until all 250 Million RUOK are in circulation. This circulating supply will be made up of the 175 million ICO Tokens, the 25 million Donation tokens and the remaining 25 million which will be reserved for Founders and Ambassadors.

he RUOK Token will take advantage of the great work has done in building a platform for sending TRON based tokens via social media. Currently tokens can be sent via Twitter and Telegram, but as expands into other social media platforms, so will the utility of the RUOK Token.

After the ICO, a single RUOK Token will be valued at 0.2 TRX. The funds collected during the ICO will be used to develop an app to provide peer to peer counselling services and health information portal. The mobile application will be powered by the TRON Network. Counselor’s registration fee will be paid in RUOK and the users will pay for their consultation in RUOK. People who would like the ability to have a confidential and secure one on one consultation with a professional can also purchase RUOK themselves and utilize the Mobile application once developed.

We will also be looking to onboard traditional bricks and mortar health practitioners by having them accept RUOK for payment in their premises. This will maintain a demand for the tokens.


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