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Independent, community-led by fans of FTT and FTX. We share the same values as SBF and support his mission to give back.
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FTT DAO was set up to connect the global community of FTT fans who share the same values as Sam Bankman-Fried.     Summary ​FTT DAO is an independent, community-led DAO set up by friends, followers and fans of the FTX Token. Our community members call themselves “BFFs”, otherwise known as Bankman-Fried Fans/Followers/Friends. We share the same values as SBF (Sam Bankman-Fried) and support his mission to give back to society in order to make a positive impact on our world. We are fully independent of FTX and have run FTT DAO by FTX, who have no objections. FTT DAO is a non-profit and will use its funds to further our mission and vision.   BFFs are (Sam) Bankman-Fried Friends, Followers and Fans    Mission To create an educational ecosystem supported by community-led projects.
  •   We believe in crypto and the future of digital assets.
  •   We believe in effective altruism and giving back to the world
  •   We believe in crypto awareness and education
   Vision We want to inspire crypto education through community and giving back.
  •   We believe in a secure, self-sovereign digital asset future for all.
  •   Doing things the right way to promote consumer and investor protection, a transparent and robust digital asset ecosystem, and preventing financial crimes.
  •   We want to bridge the current gap to help the world understand, learn and apply their crypto knowledge to do better and do good.
  • 1. Supporting crypto educational events
  • 2. Empowering communities with crypto awareness and adoption
  • 3. Global community-led and driven initiatives


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