Outer Edge | LA

Los Angeles , United States

关于 Outer Edge | LA

Outer Edge LA, the largest gathering of cultural influencers and Web3 innovators to hit the American West Coast, is a 4-day gathering that will facilitate vital conversations and connections between some of the most prominent innovators across culture, technology, and entertainment while featuring panels, presentations, and experiences from more than 100 executives, influencers and artists who are building at the intersection of culture and technology to usher in a new era of digital creativity.


William Shatner
Award-winning Actor, Director, Producer, Writer & Recording Artist
Jennifer Prince
Chief Commercial Officer, Los Angeles Rams
Yat Siu
Co-Founder & Executive Chairman, Animoca Brands
Shyam Nagarajan
Executive Partner - Web 3.0 and Sustainability, IBM Consulting
Tom Bilyeu
Co-Founder & CEO, Impact Theory Studios
Scott Greenberg
CEO, Blockchain Creative Labs | Co-Founder & CEO, Bento Box Entertainment
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Joshua Kriger
Co-Founder, The Edge Of Company
Eathan Janney
Co-Founder, The Edge Of Company
Debbie Soon
Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer, HUG
Gordon Gould
Co-Founder, New Atlantis
Miguel Faus
Degen Filmmaker, Calladita Film
Adi Sideman
CEO, Revel.xyz
Israel Wilson
Co-Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, ICGNU3
Joshua Armah
Founder, Ujamaa Gaming | Co-Founder, More Than Us
Kitty Grier
Founder, NFTGirlGang
Stanley Bishop
Head of Data Science, LabDAO
Alok Tayi, Ph.D.
Co-Founder & CEO, Vibe Bio
Ben Noble
Founder & Chief Culture Officer, Howl Labs
Micah Ray
Skidrowcrypto | Web3 Journalist | Founder, proSEED.io
Tal Navarro
Founder, CEO & Marketing Strategist, Social-Lady.com | Founder, Winweb3.io
Nicole Behnam
Founder, Beyond The Interview
Brenden Mulligan
Cam Thompson
Web3 Reporter, CoinDesk
Walter De Brouwer
Athan Slotkin
Head of Loyalty & Tech, The Edge Of Company
Jake McEvoy
Co-Founder & COO, Creature World
Jasper Donat
Co-Founder & CEO, Branded
Asher Jay
Founder & CEO, IncOperate
JP Isham
Advisor, Gala - Games, Film & Music
Pablo Stanley
Artist | Co-Founder & CEO, Bueno
Sam Borghese
Founder & CEO, Zeal Reserve
Spottie Wifi
CryptoPunk Rapper
Travis Wright
Co-Host, Web 3 Show
Co-Founder & CEO, Decentralized Pictures
Jeff "Jiho" Zirlin
Co-Founder, Axie Infinity
Lisa Carmen Wang
Founder, Bad Bitch Empire
Jack O'Holleran
Co-Founder & CEO, SKALE Labs
Mike T. Brown
Founder & Chief Visionary Officer, Win-Win
Jeff Nicholas
Executive Creative Director, Authentic Artists & WarpSound
Haider Rafique
Global Chief Marketing Officer, OKX
Jason Ludman
Founder, DotConnector
Rachel Wolfson
Journalist, Author & Podcast Host
Charlie Cavalier
President, Chibi Dinos NFT
CEO, Pudgy Penguins
Johnna Powell
Global Co-Head, ConsenSys NFT Business Unit
Amanda Terry
Co-Founder & COO, OnChainMonkey
Sean Kelly
VP of Marketing, InfiniteWorld | Founder, Chibi Dinos NFT
Elise Swopes
Artist | Founder, Sunrise Art Club
Aaron Arnold
Founder​ & ​Host​, ​Altcoin Daily
Austin Arnold
Founder Altcoin Daily
Jason Nelson
Reporter, Decrypt Media
Rickey Pinkney Jr
CEO & Guild Commander, Final Frontier
FORBES-featured Spoken Word Artist | Founder, GOLDen Meta Hub
Erick Calderon
Founder & CEO, Art Blocks
Baron Davis
NBA All Star | Founder, More Than Us, S.L.i.C Studios, & Black Santa
Nicole Buffet
Artist, Fortune Magazine, Top 50 NFT Influencer
Metta World Peace
Founder & Chairman, Artest Management Group
Neil Strauss
Blockchain Enthusiast | 10X New York Times Best-Selling Author
Shira Lazar
Founder & CEO, What's Trending | Co-Founder, Peace Inside Live
Tatiana DeMaria Nacci
Founder, Supafanatix | Artist
Sandy Carter
SVP of Business Development, Unstoppable Domains
David Bianchi
Actor | Film3 Producer, Exertion3 Films
Gareb Shamus
CEO, HeroMaker Studios
Hannah Stouffer
Founder, H+ Creative
Marta Belcher
President, Filecoin Foundation | General Counsel, Protocol Labs
Edward Zipco
Director & Co-Founder, Superchief Gallery NFT
Andrew Choi
Founder & CEO, SuperNormal
Wendy O
Founder, The O Show
Shannon Herber
Managing Director, A0K1VERSE
Annika Rose
Music Artist & Songwriter, Nvak Collective
Early NFT & Cryptocurrency Investor
Adhrucia Apana
Artist | Filmmaker | Executive Producer | Founder, Curiosity Entertainment
Brent Bushnell
Founder & Chairman, Two Bit Circus & Two Bit Foundation
Cordell Broadus (Champ Medici)
Founder, Welcome to the Block
David Wachsman
Founder & CEO, Wachsman
Gabe Weis
Founder, The Stoics by Gabe Weis | Bay Area Cubist
Nadya Rousseau
Founder & CEO, Alter New Media
Jay Rosenzweig
Founder, Rosenzweig & Company
Ivan Perez
Founder & CEO, Howl Labs
Roger Chabra
Stephanie Howard
Co-Founder & COO, Endstate
Michelle Reeves
Co-Founder & CEO, MAVION
Scott Page
Saxist, Pink Floyd | Founder, Think:NFT
Matthew Hoffman
Founder & CEO, Trusted Advisor
Flip Benjamin
Founder, Pod Labs | Co-Founder, More Than Us
Cooper Turley
General Partner, Coop Records
Amen Rahh
Co-Founder & CEO, K12 Crypto
Alisa Jacobs
Founder, LOOP Studios | CEO, Lucid Vision
Anastasia Drinevskaya
CEO, Cointelegraph Communications
Brian Anderson
Founder & CEO, RAZE Fintech
Bryan Myint
Co-Founder, Republic Crypto
Dave Broome
Co-Founder & CEO, Orange Comet


2023年3月20日 12:00 , PST (UTC -8)
2023年3月23日 19:00 , PST (UTC -8)
L.A. Live