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22 Şub 2019

Filmgrid is a peer-to-peer platform for independent movies and series on the Internet for commerce, streaming and finance. In decentralization, we can remove all movie theaters and movie distribution companies as mediators, distribute profits fairly among filmmakers, and at the same time can reduce public offering expenses.

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The film industry is vicious. Unable to learn from its mistakes, it has fallen into a cycle of sequels, crossovers and reboots, where the Film Studios financial motivation outweighs any creative new content.

Only in a few cases it is possible to appreciate the passion of the artist in the silver screen, it has been worn out mostly by executive layers that suppress originality; instead, adherence is made to over-used formulas and unethical business strategies, where the decision-making power of a project falls on executive producers who have no experience as filmmakers.

Writers with great imagination must settle for writing what the executives request, instead of their own ideas; visionary directors have their hands figuratively tied, using their creativity to meet the expectations of the "product placement" advertiser; talented actors and actresses see the very roles they were born to play, be occupied by artists of lesser stature but with the physique or ethnicity selected by the producer.

The world has changed, the viewer has changed. The streaming services are growing, not only as far as subscriptions but also in original content; Millennials are no longer impressed by the industry's attempts to compete with larger screens, specialized rooms and ridiculously high investment in marketing. They are interested in the content, regardless of whether that is television, a computer, tablet or smartphone; the medium is no restriction.

Filmgrid seeks to use technological, operative and ideological innovation to provide a fair commercial alternative, to generate equality between users and to promote art. By getting rid of unnecessary intermediaries, the creation of better films will be promoted. That way the direct participants receive a higher percentage of the profit, and they receive it sooner.


A Movie Marketplace {the Billboard}

For those moviemakers that have made a digital movie (and/or hold the copyright for it) and want to capitalize their project, we have the Billboard, a storefront for movies of all type, length, kind and style.

It's really simple, actually.

The moviemaker registers in Filmgrid as Creative Users, if the movie is a collaborative work, the involved Creative Users must form what is called a Creative Team, then upload to the Billboard the Movie; once in display, a Viewer User buys a digital copy of the Movie, and, through the application, the Movie can be downloaded or streamed and viewed as many times as the Viewer User decides.


A Funding Platform by Popular Election {the Pitchboard}

If there are Creatives with a cool movie project, or a very good idea for one, they can use Filmgrid's Pitchboard to fund it, uploading a description, an image, giff, teaser or trailer video to participate.

It's not quite crowdfunding, yet it relies on the crowd. Filmgrid will manage a Production Fund, and the crowd, in this case the platform users, will decide voting upon the catalog of projects in display on the Pitchboard which ones will get part(or total) of such fund.

The fund will reset in cycles, all projects can participate as much as liked.

The Production Fund management, the voting and the dispersal of funds will be secured by Smart Contracts in the Blockchain, assuring the veracity and appropriate usage of the funds; every Creative User member of the funded Creative Team can trust the platform will release their respective payment, therefore everyone can focus in making a great movie.

This way, the project is committed only to the Viewers, and never to movie moguls.


A Cinema Social Network... ish {Critique Bay}

A Social Reputation System will provide the best quality control, delivered by the users themselves; rating Movies and Creative Users, bad quality or poor Movies won't make to the top, with the possibility of getting permanently banned.

Movies and Creative Users can be granted with an Applause; Creative Teams can earn Ovations depending on how well "applauded" their project and members are; Users can follow their favorite Creative Users and Teams; Movies can receive a Critique from those who watch it.

Since is a network, a connection channel gets open, where Creative Users can find key members for their crews, or find a crew where to contribute, and most important, learn from the Viewers feedbacks.

% name% Yol Haritası

  • June 2016

    Applying our beliefs about movie industry in a fair business model.
  • March 2017

    Adapting and enhancing Filmgrid with Blockchain Technology.
  • November 2017

    This .space web site has been created to record the project development.
  • April 2018

    Whitepaper release in forums and media distribution.
  • Daha fazla oku
  • August 2018

    Whitepaper release in forums and media distribution.
  • October 2018

    Coding and making the necessary configuration to run the Application.
  • October 2018

  • PRE ICO.
    Filmpass Token Distribution in an Pre Coin Offer (ICO).
  • November 2018

    Developing the requiered smart contracts and public release of the code.
  • December 2018

    Filmpass Token Distribution final and long round begins.
  • January 2019

    Developing the Decentralized Application and configuration.
  • APRIL 2019

    Working version of the application with the Billboard and early Pitchboard.
  • June 2019

    Well, all the work that has to be made to realease a top quality product.
  • August

    Filmgrid Decentralized Application Version 1.0.


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Andrés Ávila Torres
Founder / CEO
Osvaldo Alfonso Núñe...
Operations / Problem Solver
Edith Valle
Filmmaker / Creative Management
Stefanie Zöhrer
Illustrator / Creative Management
Alex Salais
Marketing Specialist
Hugo Arriaga Tapia
Creative Scout / Filmmaker
Lorena Meza Zamora
Customer Care Coordinator / Make Up Artist
Omar Bermudez de la...
Customer Care Supervisor / Photographer


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Gina Valeria Cruz Lo...
Compliance Advisor
Oscar Aurelio Moreno...
Technology Advisor

60 ICOs

$101 637 874

Naviin Kapoor
ICO Advisor

Filmgrid Görüşmeler

Andrés Ávila Torres
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
Filmgrid is the collision of my two passions, filmmaking and technology. It started as a project to make a platform for the streaming of independent films called '' with a pricing method based on the number of minutes of the movie duration, in a social network format.

The project continued its evolution seeking to give decision control over production to the filmmakers, encountering the traditional technological limitations, as it can not guarantee to the users the freedom of art without the intervention of any intermediary; including the staff of the platform itself.

Then I met Blockchain technology, its decentralized nature was the perfect combination with the ideology behind the project now called Filmgrid ... this story is being written right now.
Osvaldo Alfonso Núñez Melgoza
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project? What do you think about idea?
At this early stage of the project, I've kept busy with PR duties. Once the ball gets rolling, I've got my eye on data-mining and any math-related activities that Filmgrid may require.

I personally think it's a great idea, not only is it meant to bring the art back into films, it also aims at helping the artist receive fair compensation for their work.
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