Upbit D Conference

Seoul , South Korea

hakkında Upbit D Conference

The conference seeks to facilitate the growth and expansion of the Korean blockchain ecosystem.

UDC has evolved into the "Upbit D Conference", embarking on a fresh journey towards becoming a more inclusive conference.
The “D” in our updated name signifies an expansion beyond merely catering to developers; UDC is now a place and opportunity that connects the keywords of #Digital Asset #Decentralized #Developer.

Experience the future of blockchain at the Upbit D Conference, a place to explore emerging trends and multifaceted aspects of blockchain. Join us to delve into the rich tapestry of blockchain possibilities, and uncover its boundless potential.


Patrick McCorry
Lead Research and Education Arbitrum Foundation
Beniamin Mincu
CEO & Co-Founder MultiversX
Sehyeon Oh
Executive Vice President SK telecom
Jinsung Park
Manager of Korea Arboreta & Gardens Institute
Emily Parker
Executive Director CoinDesk
Laura Shin
Head of International Expansion Consensys
Daha fazla göster (33)
Larry Salibra
Founder, New Internet Labs of Stacks Represenative
Eunjung Shin
Assistant Professor of Baekseok University
Minseob So
FDI Team lead Dunamu
Jun Song
Synergy Team Project Lead Dunamu
Matt Sorg
Head of Technology Solana Foundation
Tom Teman
Product Manager of ETH Foundation
Ken Timsit
Managing Director of Cronos
Roger Ver
Founder Bitcoin.com
Jiachao Wang
Head of Eco Growth NEO Global Development
Sota Watanabe
Founder & CEO Startale Labs
Samuel Yim
Wally Yu
Solutions Architect Chainlink Labs
Alec Zebrick
Manager, Investigations APAC Chainalysis Inc.
Jeffrey Zirlin
Co-Founder Axie Infinity
Usman Asim
Senior DevRel Engineer Ava Labs
Leemon Baird
Co-CEO Swirlds Labs
Pacman Blur
Core Contributor Blur
Sebastien Borget
Co-founder & COO The Sandbox
Younggun Byun
General Manager Luniverse
Qi Chai
CEO chiliZ


$15 950 000

Ryan Fang
COO Ankr
Howard Fischer
Partner of Moses Singer LLP
Nizam Ismail
Founder & CEO Ethikom Consultancy
Hoyun Jung
CFO of World Vision Korea
Kablae Kim
Senior Research Fellow of KCMI
Haksu Kim
Head of corporate partnership of UNICEF
Dylan Kugler
Director, Global Ecosystem BD of Mina Foundation
Founder & CEO EOS Network Foundation
Hyunseung Lee
Head of Department Goodneighbors Global Impact
Juhee Lee
Assistant Manager of Community Chest of Korea
Pranav Maheshwari
Senior Solutions Architect Edge & Node
​Mel McCann
Vice President of Engineering Cardano Foundation


13 Kas 2023 10:30 , KST (UTC +9)
13 Kas 2023 20:30 , KST (UTC +9)
Grand Walkerhill Seoul, Korea