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xDeck - игровой проект, основанный на передовых технологиях блокчейна и криптографии. xDeck использует все преимущества криптографии и децентрализации, что делает читерство технически и достоверно невозможным. xDeck предлагает новейшие формы внедрения этих технологий в платформу для онлайн-игр и азартных игр? xDeck - это не только онлайн-казино, это платформа, на которой люди могут соревноваться в различных типах игр. С каждой игры взимается очень небольшая комиссия, намного меньше, чем в традиционных онлайн-казино. Из-за нашей структуры оплаты мы не заинтересованы в том, кто выигрывает или проигрывает. Хотя мы надеемся, что вы выиграете! Чтобы гарантировать справедливость и использование непредсказуемых случайных чисел, мы создали токен XDE, решающий насущные проблемы с помощью криптографии, рандомизации и децентрализации. xDeck - это уникальная платформа, обеспечивающая прозрачность и безопасную игровую систему.
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25 мая 2019 г.
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О проекте xDeck

Gambling has always been an important part of human culture, long before written history began. The earliest recorded evidence of gambling dates back to ancient China over 4,300 years ago. It wasn’t just the Chinese who were gamblers either, the people of many of the great ancient civilizations, including the Egyptians and the Greeks, are also known to have enjoyed a bet or two. Today, gambling is more popular than ever and has become the preferred pastime for many a thrillseeker and risk taker.

Thanks to the Internet and the growth of online gambling, betting has become a worldwide phenomenon. Gambling is now an international industry and a marketplace with huge business potential. The convenience and benefits of Internet gambling are attracting ever-greater numbers of new players from around the world.

Although the Internet has opened the door to a new worl over the industry. The suspicion even exists that online gambling has made the problem worse. Since casinos are closed platforms the players have no chance to verify the fairness of the games. This gives the house the potential to manipulate funds movement and the random number generators.

This is an issue which persists in many different casinos, poker rooms and bookies. Until recently there was no alternative to these, but the advent of bitcoin and blockchain technology has changed that.

XDeck is an online platform which allows like minded players to join and compete against eachother in games of strategy and chance. It combines the best elements of blockchain, cryptographyand gambling to create a truly fair and transparent system. XDeck employs a different businessmodel to online casinos, which win when you lose and lose when you win. XDeck works differently.We take a small fee from every game, which in the poker world is called a rake. Due to our feestructure, we’re a disinterested party as to who wins or loses, although we do hope you win! Onlinecasinos are in the business of competing against and beating the players, while our business isabout helping players to connect and have a good time.

The main advantage of blockchain and peer-to-peer currencies such as bitcoin, litecoin and others is that there is no need for trust between parties. Unlike banks and other centralized systems, blockchain technology allows us to make transfers between users without third party support. In other words, your funds are kept safe and interacting with other members of the network can be achieved without trust.

Cryptography solves all issues with trust and network functionality. Blockchain is an absolutely transparent decentralized network, which means there is no way to control it or to manipulate it. Blockchain also supports smart contracts which allows credible transactions or other implemented actions to be conducted without third parties.

XDeck was founded in 2017 and have been actively developing their platform since then. XDeck has already developed several working dapps based on our own cryptocurrency and uniqueinfrastructure. Unlike our competitors, we already have a number of functioning games, whichdemonstrates our concept and features integration. All of the games are based on blockchaintechnology, using encryption and and our unique dapps.

We are creating a platform where cheating is technically impossible. We believe that blockchain and decentralization will change the gambling world forever and will make gambling fair and transparent. As a pioneer in the crypto gambling industry, we believe that XDeck will change thegambling universe.

This document describes the main features of our project and explains how the platform will work.

xDeck Roadmap

  • 2017

  • Concept Development. Market research.
  • 2018

  • Games Engine Development. Pre ICO April.
  • 2019

  • Online poker launch. Private sale. LA Game Expo presentation. ICO final sale.
  • 2022

  • Mobile platform launching.

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