Wine Protocol

Wine Protocol

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Welcome to WINE PROTOCOL The New Wine Economy
Wine Protocol is the first technology that aims to create an interaction between cryptocurrencies and the wine world.
Changing the blockchain one sip at a time.
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О проекте Wine Protocol

Wine Protocol

About us

Our mission is to build a solid ecosystem that allows interaction between all those who are part of the wine sector, from producer to consumer, thanks to an innovative and totally decentralized economic system.
This is because we believe that the blockchain world is the next step in the innovation of the wine ecosystem, a sector that has been evolving for almost ten thousand years.
To do this, we have developed a "protocol" capable of involving all those interested in the sector in a unique and innovative way, all without distorting tradition and culture, fundamental parts of this field.
If like us you feel ready to create a turning point in the world of wine, do not lose sight of us and come back here for constant updates.

Wine Protocol Roadmap

  • STEP 1

  • Private sale and Pre sale.
  • STEP 2

  • First event, Listing on PancakeSwap and locking liquidity pool.
  • STEP 3

  • Start of development of the WINEchain which will allow us to create a network to ensure that our ecosystem works in the best possible way. The WINEchain will have functionality and features that you will discover over time.
  • STEP 4

  • Launch of WINE wallet which will allow all users to exchange our native WINE currency. Launch of the beta of the app with the reward mechanism, a lucky few will allow you to test our first product that will accompany you throughout the interaction with the ecosystem.
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  • STEP 5

  • Start earning WINE token. First drop of WineProtocol glasses.
  • STEP 6

  • An interactive map will be integrated into the app that will mark the beginning of a direct interaction with bars, restaurants, wine bars and wineries.
  • STEP 7

  • Interactive Staking. WINE holders will be rewarded through a staking method that will be graphically interactive with users.
  • STEP 8

  • It will be possible to participate in exclusive packages offered by our partners.
  • STEP 9

  • We will launch our first NFT collection which will be divided according to the quantity of WINE present in the holders wallet.
  • STEP 10

  • Launch of the auction house of NFTs. We will consolidate the previous step by creating our interactive auction house where users can participate in exclusive auctions where they can buy bottles in the form of NFTs.
  • STEP 11

  • Launch of the first land for wineries. We will begin to create the WINEWorld in the metaverse.
  • STEP 12

  • Launch of our platform where you can buy bottles of wine directly from producers through our WINE coin only.


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