Vira-Lata Finance

Vira-Lata Finance

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Vira-Lata Finance ($REAU) is an open source, decentralized project, created to help include Brazilians in the cryptocurrency world. REAU provides a safe financial system that is easy to use, and helps make a difference through charitable donations.
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О проекте Vira-Lata Finance

Viralata Finance ($REAU) is a decentralized, open source project introducing Brazilians to the world of cryptocurrency by providing a safe and easy-to-use set of apps, with a charitable twist. Our goals are to encourage and empower Brazilians to take their finances into their own hands; demonstrate the potential of alternative financial solutions; provide services to markets that are largely overlooked and underserved in Brazil such as micro and small capital businesses, freelancers; and extend a helping hand to the stray dog population that served as inspiration for this project. In order to accomplish this, we focused on three fronts: technological development, business development, and grass-roots community efforts. The solution to the first objective is REAUPay: a wallet that works on the Binance Smart Chain, but with additional features promoting the use and holding of $REAU token: staking, donation pools, swap, on ramp, off ramp, lottery, view and trade NFTs, and easier transactions. Through various business development initiatives, we are actively seeking partnerships with pet supply companies in order to fund a program that provides better access of emergency supplies to shelters and charities. Last, our dedicated community provides tremendous support and willingness to use $REAU in their day-to-day life. Their demonstration of initiative, willingness to learn, and helping others has bolstered the efforts of the marketing campaign to spread $REAU’s message.


Automatic Liquidity

3% of each transaction is automatically added to the liquidity pool in Pancake Swap.

Deflationary mechanism

Approximately 1% of each transaction is sent to a dead wallet (no owners), burning tokens and increasing the shortage of tokens.

Passive income All holders receive passive income due to the reflection token system.
2% of each transaction is distributed to whoever has REAU in their wallet (preferentially REAUPay), including the dead wallet (deflationary mechanism). Safe

The initial liquidity of the contract was burned along with half the tokens. What does it mean? REAU will always have a minimum value.


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