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TweetToEarn is a revolutionary DeFi project that aims to connect everyday Twitter users looking to make a buck with projects around the globe that need to bolster their outreach.
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25% T2E tokens
20% Farming tokens
5% CEX Liquidity
15% DEX LP
35% Presale
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О проекте Tweet2Earn

Users can earn T2E tokens by holding and promoting Tweet2Earn or any other listed project that partners up with us. The users can subsequently make tweets with the required marketing content to become eligible for T2E token rewards. The rewards will be distributed to the eligible linked Twitter accounts. The size of the reward will be proportional to the Tweet's outreach and uses intelligent data tracking to weed out artificaially inflated social traffic figures.

Conversely, project representatives can use Tweet2Earn to extend their product or service outreach by temporarily employing Twitter users as micro-influencers. Project representatives can click on the "Buy Tweets" button on the home page and they will be directed to the packages sections where they can pick from a marketing package of their choice. Once a package has been decided upon the user can fill out an application outlining the specifics of what, how and when they want to market.


Traditional marketing methods only get you so little for a little too much. You don't want users scrolling past ads. You want engagement, you want conversions, you want your frontyard sale to make it to the Fortune 500.A lot of people out there exist who would not miss an opportunity to make a quick buck. They're more than happy to undertake small chores for some extra cash. That's where our proposed solution comes in. Provide promotions for your business on an individual level and branch out to user's in your their network. The issues we face doing that are making the transaction process safe, secure, reliable and hassle-free.


This is where the blockchain side of things emerge. Using the power of DeFi, our dApp is able to reliably make timely payments to small-time marketers using the funds invested by a certain product or service. This helps us solve most issues that a business model like this can face. The dApp intelligently identifies tweets with indentifier phrases and hashtags and in turn creates an aggregate score based on organic likes, retweets, click-throughs and so on.

Buy Tax:10%

  • 4% Marketing
  • 4% Dev wallet
  • 1% Liquidity
  • 1% BuyBack & Burn

Sell Tax:10%

  • 4% Marketing
  • 4% Dev wallet
  • 1% Liquidity
  • 1% BuyBack & Burn


Marketing Platform

TweetToEarn doubles up as a marketing launchpad where you can sign up with your own tokens and have it promoted on Twitter with our help. A portion of the fee we charge is disbursed to holders of TweetToEarn.

Shill to Earn

You can get rewarded for promoting TweetToEarn on Twitter. Simply use the hashtag and your rewards will be disbursed by aggregating your reach, conversions, likes, retweets and so on.

Hyper Deflationary

The token exhibits hyper-deflationary tokenomics in order to grow in rarity over time. This helps stabilize the token's price and keeps it as a hedge against inflation.

Buyback & Burn

A portion of all transactions are used to buy back T2E tokens which are subsequently burnt out of the circulating supply forever.

Tweet2Earn Roadmap

  • Q2

  • Contract creation
    Contract testing
    Project launch
    CMC and CoingGecko listing
    Farming integration
    AMA marketing campaigns
    CEX listing
    Task portal dApp
  • Q3

  • Auto-fetching tweets directly from accounts
    Project owners' panel
    NFT creation
    dApp twitter login integration
    Influencer marketing
    Marketing competitions
    Cross chain integration
    NFT minting and sale
    Farming contract V2
    NFT farming integration
    (higher rewards)
    NFT marketing
    NFT earning bonuses
  • Q4

  • NFT avatar integration
    Marketing broadcasts
    Website and blog SEO
    Task portal dApp updates
    Live twitter feed
    Updated whitepaper
    Referral program
    Project partnerships
    Legal opinion
    AI powered live sentiment
    analytics on tweets


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