Tushi Pals

Tushi Pals

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Welcome to Tushi Pals! We are a project that seeks to establish the first NFT community store on Amazon.
Tushi Pals is more than an NFT...
To be announced
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О проекте Tushi Pals

The Tushi Story


Amongst the vast galaxies of Metamorphs, the Tushi Pals are a cute nonbinary species that live to explore and populate the Metaverse. In order to improve their civilization, they expanded across other galaxies while their home planet served as an intergalactic hub, until the dark void swallowed their planet, along with almost all of their population. As a result of the distress beacon, those who had been off-world during the event were able to band together and bring back what had been lost. Our time has finally come, with the combined powers of our Meta Stones and the Ethereum crystal thanks to years of research. The void of interdimensional space can be bridged by opening a portal with these powers, but only for a limited time. To bring peace back to the universe, The Tushi Pal's fate hangs in the balance.


Tushi Pals Roadmap

  • Q1

  • Create the 1st ever NFT community Amazon store. Building out the Tushi Pals brand. Being a community store means all holders are involved in the development via our forums. Product choices, operations, management, sales reports, etc. although a lot of the Tushi Pals products will be sold to the public we will be creating exclusive holders merch which will symbolize the NFT Tushi Pals Fam - The driven team of alphas behind the project!
  • Q2

  • Once our foundation utility is up and fully operational we will begin Phase 2 with IRL events to celebrate, discuss and announce the next step in the limitless expansion of the Tushi Pals.
  • Q3

  • Our goal is to keep it simple - under promise and overdeliver. We aren’t here to promise 100 different things all at once. Our plan is to establish a solid utility foundation for our holders and grow into new areas from there.

Tushi Pals Команда

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Pigeon Milk
Co-Founder / Lead Artist
Cap'n Sealegs
Co-Founder / Director
Front-End Designer
Professor Franklin
Back-end Developer
Discord Mod
Derek Da Bull
Community Manager
Sweaty Gamer
Discord Mod
Discord Mod
Discord Mod
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