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Buy TTcoin with Confidence and Invest in Real Projects.
TTcoin Network - TTcoin Reward - TTcoin Football Club and more. TTcoin continues to grow with 2 million users and fans.
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О проекте TTcoin

The TTcoin team, which collected information for the project until June 2021, started cloud mining for Android phones on June 16.

As soon as cloud mining started, it reached more than 10 thousand users in the first day. Within 2 months, it had 1 million active users. The main purpose of the TTcoin team is to use TTcoin as a payment method in many institutions and organizations that they will establish in 2022.

TTcoin, which made its first listing on the Indian stock market, has managed to be listed on 5 different stock exchanges in 1 month. The TTcoin Team, whose goal is to be listed on 1 stock market in each country, is working to announce its 2022 projects in the Global. It has become a token of interest in a short time in every field, including social media accounts. The puppy wolf and TC symbol in its logo were liked by some viewers.


TTcoin offers real and tangible projects to its users and investors, unlike most fake and futureless tokens.

Since its infrastructure is Tronscan, our only security infrastructure is protecting the security of our wallets, social media account security and every project information in the TTcoin ecosystem.

Our cloud mining application TTcoin Network keeps user data in themost secure way in Google infrastructure. User data is displayed in encrypted form in our infrastructure, not to be shared with a third company or person.

TTcoin Information Full Name : TTCOIN Symbol : TC Total and Maximum Supply: 6 Billion Amount Locked And Burned: 2 Billion Creation Date : 24 March 2021 Network : TRC20 (Tron)


The founders of TTcoin consist of 2 people, 3 employees and a total of 5 people (Excluding Global Representatives). A working team of 100 people is targeted in 2022.

The majority of the team is located in Malatya/Turkey.

Our founders mostly carried out studies in all areas and were successful in these areas as well. They stepped into the crypto world where they are experienced in 2018. Instead of investing, they researched cryptocurrencies and token projects.

The name TTcoin consists of the initials of the founders' names. Tayfun Taner – Tunahan Taner / TTcoin

Our team, which also appoints representatives in the global arena, helps our users more easily in every country through these representatives.

Our team, which plans to make agreements with institutions and organizations in sports, electronics and many other fields, has filled the year 2022 with big projects for TTcoin.

The amount allocated to the team and the team is 1 billion TTcoin. Within the allocated amount, there is also the amount allocated to the stock exchanges. Our team has safely frozen 2 billion TTcoins in a cold wallet.

Our team, which set out with the slogan of step into the future with TTcoin, wants to sign big projects globally in a short time.


TTpay: A cold wallet that will contain TTcoin and many tokens.

TTscan: The network where you can follow the TTcoin ecosystem and your TTcoin infrastructure.

TTbit: Cryptocurrency exchange that will serve with a simple interface where you can buy TTcoin and certain cryptocurrencies.

TTshop: Electronics, clothing, etc. bearing the TTcoin brand name. ecommerce system where products will be sold.

TTcoin Joint Stock Company: Joint Stock Company to which TTcoin brand and products will be affiliated.

TTcharity: All kinds of natural disasters, humanitarian aid and charity organization that will operate in many fields.

Mostly donations and TTcoin will act depending on the amount earned from the fee fees to be charged for the transactions to be made. Aid will be made in forestation, natural disasters and many areas.

TTcoin Football Club: Football club that will bear the name TTcoin, where transfers, including players, will be made as TTcoin.

With the TTcoin facility project, TTcoin management, which will train young people and train the footballers of the future, will break a new ground thanks to this project.

We plan to establish our projects in the years we planned in 5 years. We continue to work with all our strength to reach our goals faster.

TTcoin offers users more than just a token. Apart from trading, infrastructures and projects are being prepared for a large and developed ecosystem

We present all our plans clearly and precisely to our users. We do not hesitate to tell our users, no matter what the positive or negative.

Our team, which aims to produce technological products, plans to announce the name of TTcoin in every field.

These product sales will be distributed to users with the TTshop project.

In 2022, TTcoin is expected to be in 1 million wallets.


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