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The first blockchain based adult friendly adult entertainment platform
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О проекте Tipsy

Tipsy is an app store - and a place where adults have fun!

It's an open-source marketplace for adult entertainment. It's a platform where developers can create and deploy apps and games, merchants can sell goods and models can upload and share media or offer services such as video chat.

Tipsy is an ecosystem - with interoperability between apps and games

The Tipsy ecosystem links native apps like TipsyCam or TipsyMarket with other apps deployed by developers, but also with external businesses where needed. It will sustain itself through very small fees, fueling the adult businesses of tomorrow. TipsyXchange will be the core payment system of the ecosystem for incoming and outgoing transactions. Industry stakeholders will enjoy the power of blockchain, and profit from the safety and transparency that comes with it.


One token

Our TIPSY token will be used to purchase products or services and to pay fees all across our platform and beyond.


We will use multiple blockchains for our transfers. Depending on what features are needed for the current operation, TipsyXChange will automatically choose between blockchains for smallest fees and best results. Using multiple blockchains increases redundancy, so fast scalability will no longer be a problem.


If you love tech innovation, wait until you meet Infinity - our intelligent personal assistant. She will be your gaming companion, your BFF - or even your passionate lover.

Open source

DevKits with very easy-to-use code will be offered open source. By joining forces, we will be able to create and adopt the most powerful technology and create a better, safer and faster environment for adult entertainment.

Native features

Our developers will be able to implement our native features for payment, auctions or video chat into their games and apps. Out-of-the-box solutions like TipsyXchange, TipsyCam and TipsyMarket will ease the work and increase profitability.

Virtual World

Using cutting-edge motion capture smart-suit technology, 3D scanners and the Unreal Engine, we will create a virtual world for you to explore. A world where you can play games, start businesses, trade NFTs or just socialize. A world just for adults.


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Tipsy Команда

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Stefan Rocheanu
CEO and Founder
Silviu Vieru
CTO and Head of Security
Emre Aykac
CFO and Investor
Alexandru Frigioiu
Head of Marketing
Raluca Stefan
Lead Graphic Designer
Stefanos Panagiotidi...
Virtual World Developer


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Dragos Musat
Financial Advisor
Al-Zubaidi Meriem
Adult entertainment advisor
Shoma Ishikawa
Adult entertainment advisor

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