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Speed, Security, and Scalability that You Can Count On
ThunderCore is a secure, high-performance, EVM-compatible, and cross-chain interoperable public blockchain. A platform that empowers decentralized applications to create an even more hyper-connected world.
9 мая 2019 г.
9 мая 2019 г.
100% завершено
$50 500 000
100% цель завершено
Цель 50 500 000.00 USD
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О проекте ThunderCore

What is ThunderCore?

ThunderCore is its own blockchain with its own native cryptocurrency. Developed by industry-leading experts, it is EVM-compatible with throughput of 1,200+ TPS, sub-second confirmation times, and low gas costs—making it quick and easy for DApps to deploy and scale.

How it Works

The beauty of ThunderCore lies in its extremely simple protocol. Based on years of groundbreaking research by Professors Shi and Pass, every step of the protocol is fully specified and backed by rigorous mathematical proofs.

Consensus Nodes complete a single round of voting to confirm transactions in under a second. The accelerator-- a robust, DDoS-resilient distributed system-- coordinates the network of consensus nodes. Importantly, users do not need to trust the accelerator nor the consensus nodes; they only need to trust the honest majority.

ThunderCore Команда

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Внимание. Существует риск того, что непроверенные члены на самом деле не являются членами команды


$51 000 000

Chris Wang
Chief Executive Officer
Elaine Shi
Chief Scientist
Rafael Pass
5.0 20
IEO Профиль Видение Активность Потенциал Продукт Команда

ThunderCore Обзоры

Ian Balina

24-Apr. I'm bullish on Thunder token based on the information I do have. I don't know who the advisors are and then there's a one-year lockup,12 months before getting tokens. And then it's sold out, no way to get in. Link

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ICO Pantera

1. The Thunderella and Snow-White papers will bring innovation to existing block-chain transactions.
2. They designed the model to allow 1/3 to 1/2 of the allowable malicious node rate of the PBFT. POW's new method (fall-back method) and asynchronous transfer method have increased transmission speed.
3. The test net was announced in June
A complementary point
1. There is a lot of competition in highly scalable block chains. (Red Ocean) and it is not yet materialized. There is no specific mvp.
2. The token sale schedule and the hard cap have not been released yet.
3. Institutional investment has not been published yet.

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Shin Chan

Use Case: Enabling mass adoption of decentralized applications
Remarks: Round 1 $0.02(30m), Round 2 $0.1(50m), no advisors details yet

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Midgard Research

ThunderCore is an interesting project with ambitions to improve blockchain as a whole. The development for ThunderCore is currently in the pre-release mainnet stage, with mainnet planned for Q3 2019. The project is being developed by an impressive team of 60 people, mostly based in the San Francisco area.
Especially we would like to highlight Elaine Shi who is a prominent thought leader in the academic blockchain space. The only concern we have with ThunderCore is the huge valuation before the launch of the mainnet. Although, we can see a bunch of strategic partners and advisors who have deep connections and substantial experience in the blockchain arena to help ThunderCore to deliver their plans. 

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