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The First Space is ‘eggstatic’ to present the Fab Eggs collection, a digital incarnation inspired by traditional luxury. Eggs symbolise creation and the Fab Eggs collection started with an egg, or was it a chicken? In this case it was an egg, and as unassuming and accessible as they are, they become the genesis of so much more. Like the life that an egg holds within its fragile shell, we hope with the aid of technology, Fab Eggs will take on a life of their own and leave a legacy that benefits countless people along the way.
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Fab Eggs are bought to you by The First Space. The First Space is a collaborative born from a love of art and technology, a desire to further the voices and legacies of artists, creators and technologists, create a bridge between the traditional and the digital space, and to make it all count.

Blockchain, crypto currencies, NFT’s and the metaverse, all part of the new language in the new world we are moving into, a learning curve and a turning point, not only for the role it will play, but on how we will interact with technology and the borderless opportunities, and the potential it offers for more accessibility, social and economic inclusion, equity and equality for all of us.

We are curating a space for creators and collectors, a place where art creates the kind of opportunity and potential that the new world of technology offers. We’re working on a number of collections with creators from different and diverse parts of the world, collaborating to build a community where everyone’s investment is rewarded and hopefully do a little good in the world along the way. We hope you’ll join us for the journey.


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