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Taco is the most delicious Web3 NFT-based gaming project on the WAX blockchain, supported by the strongest tokenomics and an innovative utility app.
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О проекте Taco

Taco is a multi-purpose NFT and FT based project living on WAX blockchain. The aim of the project is to integrate two core concepts all together to grant fun, token stability, quality and an outstanding experience among all other existing blockchain projects: Utility + Gaming

Utility side is built around all the other dApps and games living in WAX blockchain. Taco Mobile and Web App integrates with other projects to offer an improved interface to interact with all your daily WAX blockchain actions using Taco Tools and native features.

In addition to these integrations, Taco has other community and cross-projects features like Taco Shop and Taco Lottery to ensure a deeper integration, use cases for TACO token and a first giveback for the community itself.

Future of "utility" side is to offer the first "blockchain subscription based" model and to build useful tools to let creators and collectors integrate better with the blockchain. Including but not limited to WAX.

Gaming side can be summarized as "Taco Universe". Taco Universe is an entire NFT and FT based gaming platform born in WAX blockchain. It's not a single game: but different genres games to attract any kind of player.

The entire Taco Universe lives around Extractor NFT and Venue NFT, using SHING token and TACO token as in-game currency.

Managing, upgrading, crafting, burning, unpacking, passive tokens, playing.

Taco Universe will change how blockchain gaming is viewed by blockchain gamers and regular ones too, giving an outstanding skill-based gaming experience alongside skin NFT and tokens based reward and crafting system.

Taco Universe is the entire gaming universe where all the Taco Games live. This universe rotates around TACO and SHING tokens:

  • TACO is the main token used to upgrade venues and for Taco project utility purposes.
  • SHING is a token used as main currency inside Taco universe.

They can be both easily converted using the main WAX markets or built in features (like Taco Ingredient NFTs)

The gaming universe will contain all the game/adventure types everyone can play at: strategical, management, arcade, dungeon based, card games, multiplayer, arena, etc.

Center point of the game universe are Taco Venues: “land” NFTs which open different possibilities based on the single game type. Every venue has a standalone and “cross-game” utility inside taco universe.

Taco Roadmap

  • JUNE 2021 iOS and Android beta app

  • We launched our beta app to manage Wax NFTs and Token wallets and... users loved it! Thanks to community support, we have been releasing new features every day.
  • AUGUST 2021 Ingredients NFT

  • Ingredients add extra functionality to our project. Users can either exchange them for TACO or save them for future, greater plans.
  • SEPTEMBER 2021 Taco Shop and Taco Lottery

  • In our shop, users can buy NFTs from other games in the Wax ecosystem. They can also enter the Lottery to win fantastic NFTs from projects such as Farming Tales, R-Planet and Uplift.
  • DECEMBER 2021 1st Taco Universe Drop - extractor

  • Extractor miners are so cool. They offer a huge opportunity to earn a load of extra tokens! On top of that, they will be key in the Taco Universe...
  • Прочитайте больше
  • JANUARY 2022 2nd Taco Universe Drop - venues

  • Wow... are you ready to become an entrepreneur?
  • JANUARY 2022 Venues upgrade - beta web and app

  • To be a great manager you also need great tools. That’s why you’ll have them!
  • FEBRUARY 2022 Taco App public release

  • Users always tell us that Taco offers so much more than just a Beta. So, imagine what it'll be like at its full potential!
  • JUNE 2022 Taco Dungeon release

  • You never win any game you don't play.
  • DECEMBER 2022 Taco Run release

  • If you eat too many Taco then it’s better to have a good run!
  • JUNE 2023 Taco Idle release

  • The importance of being Idle


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