Smart Electrum

Smart Electrum

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Smart Electrum is a breakthrough new platform designed to revolutionise charitable giving. Never has cultivating trust with donors been more important.
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О проекте Smart Electrum

It does not matter, if it is your business start-up or collecting money due to some life accident. Let’s use our SELECT to make world better. Maybe you want to launch a business, maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more or maybe you have a creative project to share with the world. Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

Smart Electrum Roadmap

  • I Q

  • The main assumptions on the first quarter are to refresh the branding and website, as well as the introduction of a 4-stage marketing campaign, community development, token burning campaign and establishing strategic partnerships.

    Refresh Branding & Homepage
    Marketing Campaing — phase 1
    Team Review
    Community Building
    Burning Tokens
    Strategic Partnerships
  • II Q

  • In the second quarter, we will focus on supporting cross-chain technology. This is a very important, even groundbreaking step for the project itself. Thanks to the use of the cross-chain solution, we will be able to meet customer expectations and provide the lowest possible transaction fees along with the listing on DEX. We also plan to launch the Smart-Fundraiser platform along with integration with cryptocurrency exchange offices and the implementation of KYC.

    Cross-Chain Token
    Marketing Campaing — phase 2 & 3
    DEX Listing
    Cross-Chain Farming Pools
    KYC for obligated areas (Charity and Fundraising platform)
    Infrastructure Improvements
    Compliance Enhancements
    Beta Charity and Fundraising platform launch
    Building brand awareness
    Integration with cryptocurrency exchange offices
    Charity and Fundraising platform launch
    Rewards & Referral Program
  • III Q

  • The third quarter is the development of the mobile version of the platform, international expansion and the launch of fundraising opportunities for Startups.

    Launch Mobile App for Charity & Fundraising Platform
    Marketing Campaign — phase 4
    International Expansion
    Startup Fundraising
  • IV Q

  • In the fourth quarter, we will introduce a beta version of a trusted, transparent and interoperable energy trading platform with an exchangeable energy trading token, along with a new distributed economy component that allows consumers to cash in excess energy.

    Beta Energy trading platform launch
    More information is coming…


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