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Simba aims to be the most convenient and robust platform
for storing bitcoins. Our solution is bringing security and
efficiency benefits in long-term holding crypto assets, as it
provides an institutional-grade security storage with easy-touse interface and great level of privacy. Moreover, it provides a
liquid stablecoin called Simba Stablecoin (SIMBA) that is
pegged to satoshi and may be used for a variety of economic
activities such as remittance, day-to-day payments, etc.
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  • BitMart
    SST/USDT час назад
    $ 1.02
    $ 390.126 K
  • Vindax
    SST/BTC 5 дней назад
    $ 1.14
    $ 10.486 K
  • Vindax
    SST/USDT 5 дней назад
    $ 1.01
    $ 8.977 K
  • Coinsbit
    SST/USDT 6 дней назад
    $ 1.00
    $ 4.08 K
  • Coinsbit
    SST/BTC 6 дней назад
    $ 0.9495
    $ 5.217 K
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30 апр. 2021 г.
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О проекте SIMBA

However Simba Stablecoin has the speed and
scalability of the Ethereum network and is compatible with all
ERC-20 token services. This means it can be stored in any
Ethereum wallet, is as secure as Ethereum, and can act as
’ for the Ethereum ecosystem.
Also, Simba

s ecosystem will have an utility ERC-20 token
named Simba Storage Token (SST) that would play a vital role
for the growth of our community.
By utilizing the blockchain technology, we will offer a wide
variety of services to our customers, starting from trading and
storing crypto assets and ending with lending services.

Simba plans to launch its physical custodial vaults in four
crypto-oriented countries in the first six months of its
operation, leveraging on strategic partnerships between
Simba and selected financial services partners all over the
world. Our all-round team with huge expertise in innovations,
technologies, and finance is ready to realize the plan.

SIMBA Roadmap

  • Q3/2019: Project initiation.

  • Idea completion.
    Technology and market research finalization.
    Smart contract version 1.0 development and testing.
  • Q4/2019: Alpha stage.

  • Whitepaper release.
    Releasing smart contract version 2.0.
    Upgrading Simba site.
    Community growth via social networks.
    Preparing documentation for further entity registration in
    chosen countries.
    Mainnet launch.
    SST airdrop.
    Development of a balanced mechanism for storing assets
    via combination of cold and hot wallets.
  • Q3&Q4/2020

  • Listing SST on reliable exchanges.
    SST token sale.
    Registration of a legal entity in following countries: Estonia
    UAE Switzerland Lichtenstein New Zealand
    Providing liquidity for DEXes via Simba Stablecoin.
    Trust fund creation.
    Deployment of multi signature protocols.
  • Q1/2021:

  • Developing own hardware storage
    After achieving all these milestones, we are planning to
    have more than 30 million of open accounts by 2025 and about
    80 millions by 2030, respectively.


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