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Revival is a community based DeFi project in which holders are given the power to self govern major decisions regarding our continued development. Revivals rewards system generates BNB deposits to holders automatically. Hold REVIVAL, get BNB.
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О проекте REVIVAL

Our application development plans include an easily navigated crowdfunding app that will allow users to tell their story and create a wallet used to receive donations, reflections and general savings. More information can be found below.

One of our many goals at REVIVAL is to create a unique all-in one crowdfunding application where users can not only create, support & share campaigns but also explore new campaigns and projects which will be authenticated by the REVIVAL team and future partners.

  • Create, View & Support new fundraising campaigns using BNB & REVIVAL
  • View your campaign and current raised funds, prior to selecting which campaign you would like to start we will have options for funding in REVIVAL or BNB.
  • Explore the world of crypto-currency with useful information regarding keeping safe on the Binance smart chain and key features to look out for when avoiding bad projects.
  • Your live REVIVAL balance showing you what your value is, how much you’ve received in reflections and how much you’ve progressively earned whilst holding REVIVAL.
  • The latest REVIVAL news including the release of future projects & social media feeds to keep you in the loop
  • Wallet connect feature for a one-stop shop for viewing your cryptocurrency portfolio and keeping up to date on the latest prices with a unique charting system.
  • Charity system where you can donate to selected charities.
  • Released on iOS & Android.



With the project being 100% community owned, Revival allows for community votes to determine community contribution for the future plans and development for the project.


The Revival DeFi brand are also expanding their ecosystem by introducing their governance token VIVAL which will create a platform for growing the brand and allowing for longevity within in the centralised crypto-sphere and allowing for more passive income options within their decentralised application, click the "Vival" tab above to learn more.


Revival is consistently exploring ways to ensure that your trading experience is as safe as possible and is a key reason as to why we partnered with our auditing partners DessertSwap.Finance to ensure that our smart contracts are safe and secure for our holders.


A total tax of 15% is taken as per every REVIVAL transaction including buy, sells and transfers.

11% - BNB Distributed to holders (You must be holding a minimum of 10B REVIVAL to receive rewards) 2% - Liquidity Pool Injection 2% - Marketing and Project Development

The taxed tokens are pooled into the contract address. Hourly and after each sale of RVL, the contract checks if the pool holds greater than 260B tokens, and, if so, triggers a sale of these tokens to swap into BNB for disbursement to eligible holders' wallets. Manual Supply Burns are scheduled by the team regularly and systematically.


  • Phase 1 - Quarter 3 2021 (LAUNCH-SEP)

  • • Pre/Post launch marketing campaign
    • Revival Launch
    • Audited and Rug-screen
    • List on Coinmarketcap, CoinGecko, Nomics, BSCscan etc
    • Kickstand application initial development
    • List on alternative DEX
    • Initial marketing campaign
  • Phase 2 - Quarter 4 2021 (OCT - DEC)

  • • Partnership with auditing company (DessertSwap.Finance)
    • Launch VIVAL Governance token
    • Introduce DEX platform
    • Introduce Staking & Farming
    • Introduce V2 Dex platform
    • Explore Centralised exchanges (VIVAL)
    • Bridge REVIVAL & VIVAL to multi-chain
  • Phase 3 - Quarter 1 2022 (JAN-MAR)

  • • List VIVAL on centralised exchanges
    • Kickstand Application Beta
    • Launch Kickstand application
    • Explore NFT gamification
    • Introduce multi-chain platform on application
    • Market expansion on centralised platforms
    • Discuss future plans for REVIVAL & VIVAL to establish longevity
    • Register Revival DeFi as an LLC


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