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Rabbit Finance is a leveraged yield farming protocol based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) released by Rabbit Finance Lab. It supports users participating in liquidity farming through over-lending plus leverage to get more revenue.
When the user has insufficient funds but wants to participate in DeFi liquidity farming, Rabbit Finance can provide up to 10X the leverage to help users obtain the maximum revenue per unit time, and at the same time provide a borrowing pool for users who prefer stable returns to earn profits.
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О проекте RabbitFinance

Rabbit Finance fully draws on and adopts the advantages of the projects in the market, uses the over leveraged yield farming products with the advantages of Alpaca Finance and Badger Finance, creatively combines the mechanism of algorithm stable coin to empower the RABBIT token. In the whole economic ecology of Rabbit Finance, RABBIT token, which is endowed with more application scenarios, not only represents the governance rights and interests of the leveraged yield farming protocol, but also the shareholders' rights and interests token of algorithm stable coin of RUSD. Whenever RUSD is inflationary, the members who pledge R token to the boardroom will share the additional RUSD as dividends to share the benefits of ecological growth.

Rabbit Finance believes that the levered yield farming platform will be the next killer application in the field of DeFi after the decentralized exchange and lending platform. It also believes that algorithm stable coin is the last Holy Grail in the field of DeFi. They are and will be the most important infrastructure in the DeFi world.

Rabbit Finance's vision is to become the Federal Reserve of the DeFi world, based on the principles of equal opportunity and commercial sustainability, and to provide appropriate and effective financial services at affordable cost for people of all social strata and groups who need financial services. Rabbit Finance is not a simple leveraged yield farming platform or algorithmic stable coin system. It will be a decentralized and inclusive financial services infrastructure with the ability of continuous hematopoiesis and based on blockchain technology. Compared to being the same role as the Fed, what Rabbit Finance expects goes well beyond The Fed's role in the world economy.


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