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О проекте Povo Finance

Povo.finance is a frictionless yield and liquidity generation protocol for game lovers. Povo is deflationary in it’s nature. Players can Win prizes by playing different tournaments. Reward on holding povo token is another feature of very basic platform which strengthen community trust and encourage users to invest more and get good returns.


Povo Mission

Povo is a gaming platform that incorporates blockchain technology. The platform aims at providing its users with multiple services by expanding it horizon to both blockchains and gaming. It aims at providing its users with a multi-chain solution, which allows them to create their own blockchain solutions. It also allows the game players to earn and cash out their rewards without any time limit. Moreover, it offers a lower barrier for entering an advanced financial ecosystem, with no deposit and withdrawal limits. Lastly, the mission of POVO is to provide its users an efficient NFT ecosystem for gaming. Where players can literally own and control whatever they buy, earn or craft. NFT and gaming are the undoubted match made in heaven for the success of a specific platform.

Povo Vision

The vision of POVO is to provide a profitable gaming platform for its users, The platform has tried to combine the essence of decentralized finance and gaming to create a brainchild that incorporate the feature of both parties. The main agenda behind this is to, ‘Pay and Earn’. Gamers can now find the facility of utilizing their hobby as a means of generating passive income. It has combined the facilities of NFTs, multi-chain blockchain solutions, reliable asset transfer, and many other functionalities under one umberella.


In-game items crafting

In-game items crafting is a skill or set of skills option specifically provides in massively multiplayer online games or role playing games and other game genres. It allows the users to use basic tools within the game to construct a tool for themselves to use later, more likely for the purpose of competitive edge over other participants. Other game genres where crafting tool is available are, FPS team fortress 2, which allows its users to combine different weapons to create a new one. Or, sandbox Minecraft, which allows players to create and repair their weapons.

Cross-chain interoperability and custom wallets

DeFi has a motive to incorporate traditional financial services in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. This can only be possible if each blockchain in the ecosystem can communicate and transfer information and data to other blockchains. A reliable and smooth transaction among these blockchain will enable to introduce traditional financial services to the digital currency ecosystem. Moreover, some platforms offer custom wallets where one can store more than one currency and use the interchangeable.

Multiverse gaming

The concept of multiverse gaming can be described as a set of parallel world, where the players can theoretically travel from one universe to the other with advancements in their levels and gaming tools. Sharded virtual worlds such as Ultima online are similar in nature to multiverse games, however transportation and communication in sharderd worlds is not as easy as the traditional multiverse games

Tokenize character items

Tokenizing characters is a process followed by search engines to break the context into multiple characters to analyze. These broken pieces of information are then used by different algorithms for indexing, and to answer queries. In a business model, tokenization is the process of sensitive data of with specific symbols to retain the privacy of the document. These symbols or context are non-sensitive information often referred to as tokens. These tokens can be created by using a mathematical cryptographic function, a nonreversible function, or an index function.

Gamer/devs can introduce their own token

Blockchain has revolutionized the world of gaming. It allows the projection of value in intangible assets. It helps gamers to securely store their in-game assets. These in-game assets can then be stored in the form of a token. And these token can in turn be monetized or swapped with other digital funds. This facility is provided to both developers and gamers.


Dapp Store and game studio integration

Decentralized applications are a set of programs that harness excess power from different nodes globally. These are community driven application. One example of these are bitcoins. The integration of Dapps and gaming can create a brainchild which will allow making features of blockchains in gaming. These features might include, a decentralized gaming structure, secure storage of in-game assets, trading of gaming tokens, and interoperability among different games.

Povo Finance Roadmap

  • Q3 – 2021

  • ❖ RFI
    ❖ Governance
    ❖ Staking platform
    ❖ Presale
    ❖ Coin gecko
    ❖ CMC
    ❖ AMA
  • Q4 – 2021

  • ❖ CEX listing
    ❖ Partnerships with other project
    ❖ Wallet integration and interoperability functionality
    ❖ Ingame item crafting and staking NFT’s
    ❖ Multiverse (intergame transfer assets)
  • Q1 – 2022

  • ❖ Tokenize character items
    ❖ Beta version for lasting all functionality
  • Q2 – 2022

  • ❖ Create tokens by end user
    ❖ Dapp stores game studio integration


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