Planet Crytus

Planet Crytus

Created using Figma
2440 unique 1/1 artworks will be included in Planet Crytus #NFT Collection that is created in collabration with an AI.
To be announced
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О проекте Planet Crytus

Angels and demons have their own rank system. The angels of the highest order are the Seraphs. The next rankings are; Virtos, Archangels, Guardian Angels, and Angels. On the other hand, the strongest of the demons are the Sins. The rest are; Arsgoetias are Archdemons, Lords and Demons.

The First One

It has enourmos power and authority among all the angels in the planet.


Tradition places seraph in the highest rank in Crytusian angelology and in the fifth rank in the Crytus’s angelic hierarchy. They can be described seven beings that fly around the Throne of God.


Virtos are known for their control of the elements. Some even refer to them as “the shining ones.”
In addition to being the Spirits of Motion, they also assist in governing nature.
They also assist with miracles, as well as encourage citizens to strengthen their faith in God


Archangels are quite rare angels in the Planet Crytus universe. Archangels are one of the most important angels of all, described as ranking above the regular angels.

Guardian Angel

Guardian angels are the uncommon spiritual beings of the Planet Crytus. They are concerned with the issues and events surrounding these, including politics, military matters, commerce and trade.


Angels are the lowest order of celestial beings, and the most recognized in Planet Crytus. They are believed to act as an attendant or messenger of God, conventionally represented in robot form with wings.

Planet Crytus Roadmap

  • PHASE 1

  • Q1 2022 – We will finish to drop angel series in total 1220 1/1 unique artworks. We will organize a virtual reality exhibition where selected works from the Angel series will take place.
  • PHASE 2

  • Q2 2022 – Demon series will be minted in total 1220 1/1 unique artworks. We will organize a virtual reality exhibition where selected works from the Demon series will take place.
  • PHASE 3

  • Q3 2022 – If we managed to sold most of the pieces, we will create a virtual planet in the metaverse, where will be visited via computers and XR equipments, only for our citizens who have at least one piece from our NFTs.
  • PHASE 4

  • Q4 2022 – Donations will be made to charities engaged in space exploration. Second part of the Planet Crytus Projects will be anounced.

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