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In crypto, we often hear people talk about 'Going to the moon', which very rarely seems to actually happen. Moontopia is here to send projects exactly there - to the Moon. Moontopia's ecosystem is designed to help both new project and to help aspiring developers to create value and extraordinary projects, all whilst benefiting our project - Moontopia. All you have to do to learn more is scroll down. See you on the moon!
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О проекте Moontopia


Earth is pretty dry, full of projects that never accomplish their true potential - We're here to help! Moontopia is very different than platforms like Coin Market Cap and Coin Gecko. We're not here just to 'list' your project. We're here to be the stepping stone in your projects development. We will help you out deliver core utilities, expand and reach out wider audiences, and ultimately - achieve your projects goals. How does that help Moontopia holders? - Easy! All you need to do to get listed and start the journey with us is buy and burn $200 worth of Moontopia tokens, ultimately making Moontopia a hyper-deflationary token.


The hardest obstacle newly created projects face is getting off the ground. But not to worry - Moontopia is here to have your back! Our team and expertise will help you make those baby steps and safely land on the moon. How you may ask? Well, continue reading - we'll try to explain it the best we can. Moontopia team will first list your token on our app. It is the first step in getting your project out there in the crypto world. Great! Now that we have your token attached to our API and showing on moontopia app, we can start spreading the word and also helping out with utilities. Dextools trending? We got it! Other listing sites? Say no more! Twitter management and trending topics? We're on it! Do you need a staking platform for your token? Do you want to create and mint NFTs? Or possibly you'd like to have your own swap? Portfolio Tracker? Whale watcher? Name almost anything, we have you covered!


Moontopia is not here just to help out projects. We are here to help out developers too! So you're a hard-working, go-getter, trend-setter, all-the-buzzwords developer? Awesome, here's what we can do to help: Moontopia is creating a token price API like never seen before.


Great, now you're here with us! Here are a few starting steps. RADAR - getting your project on the other's radar. Advertisements baby! Starting with listing on Moontopia app, getting your project up and running everywhere else, expanding to the 'normal' world - We'll make sure that even the old grandma' from NYC hears about your project! SURFACE - You won't get anywhere with a logo that looks like a 2nd grader's drawing. Let the design speak of your project! Our team of chad designers will carefully look over your logo, website, banners, all the graphics you can think of - and they'll correct any mistakes you have. CORE - Simply a nice looking project won't cut it. Let's give it a little spark - some utility. Pick and choose. Anything you'd like. Just buy and burn Moontopia baby!


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