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Earn profits from our premium blockchain-based online Sportsbook, Casino and eSports betting platform simply by holding MBET tokens.
21 июл. 2021 г.
21 авг. 2021 г.
100% завершено
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Детали токена
Общее предложение
Распределение токенов
Seed Funding and ICO - 40%
Moonbet Community -25%
Reserved for Future Decentralization Phases -20%
Core Team - 10%
Airdrops - 5%
Marketing - 50%
Capital Reserve - 15%
Operations & Administration - 10%
Partnership and Community Growth - 10%
Development of MoonBet Sportsbook & Casino - 10%
Regulatory and Licensing - 5%
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О проекте Moonbet

What is Moonbet?

Moonbet is the world's first community-driven decentralized iGaming ecosystem.

It allows the community to become owners of a world-class online sportsbook, casino, and eSports betting platfom through decentralized gaming.

Through the MBET token based on the Binance Smart Chain, Moonbet allows holders to receive 50% of the profits from the Moonbet Sportsbook & Casino. The other 50% is reinvested to build an unmatched player experience.

The Next Generation of iGaming

Moonbet is disrupting the online betting industry by creating a decentralized ecosystem where the entire community earns.

Decentralized yet Managed

Most ‘decentralized’ iGaming platforms do not use the same principles that make traditional online sportsbooks and casinos attractive to players. Our experienced team creates the same great user experience that the world’s leading platforms offer, while leveraging the emerging technology of blockchain to cater to the cryptocurrency niche.

Strategic iGaming Marketing

Acquiring players is the most important aspect of any successful iGaming operation. Our marketing strategy incorporates proven techniques such as bonuses, referrals, sponsorships, and more, converting traditional bettors into blockchain-based users.

Community-Driven Engagement

By developing the MoonBet ecosystem of holders that benefit from every bet placed in our Sportsbook & Casino, our global community will be able to drive organic marketing initiatives. Not only does this reduce marketing costs, but it also allows us to circumvent regulations on paid advertising for iGaming and optimize reach across all markets.

Benefits for Token Holders

MBET is the native token of Moonbet ecosystem built on the Binance Smart Chain. By holding MBET tokens, the Moonbet community members benefit through:


Profit Airdrops

All holders of the MBET token will receive 50% of the profits from the Moonbet Sportsbook & Casino. This allows you to earn a passive income just for being a community member.

Staking Rewards

Holders can stake Moonbet tokens in order to receive token rewards. The Moonbet staking pools are easy to use and let you increase your MBET token holdings at any time.

Community Governace

As part of the Moonbet community, you will have the opportunity to participate in governance votes that will help shape the direction of the project for the future.

Benefits for Moonbet Players

We are using dynamic blockchain technology to provide a player experience that will shape the future of the iGaming industry, in a platform fully licensed by the Curacao Gaming Control Board.

Provably Fair Gaming

All games offered in the Moonbet casino use 'Provably Fair' blockchain technology, so players can instantly verify the fairness of every hand, spin, or game they play.

Premium Sportsbook

The Moonbet Sportsbook delivers 1000s of betting options across 30+ sports, as well as an integrated eSports betting platform.

Variety of Cryptocurrencies

Players can deposit, play with, and withdraw a wide range of cryptos including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Doge, and more.


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Moonbet Команда

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Jason Poprawa
Founder & CEO
Francisco Bengoechea
Chief Operations Officer
Juan Porta
Chief Technology Officer
Diego Almuiña
Head of Design and Development
Víctor Bondaruk
Senior Developer
Constanza Carbonell
Community & Social Media Manager
John Citro
Director of Marketing
Michael Stefancic
Business Strategy Specialist


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Внимание. Существует риск того, что непроверенные члены на самом деле не являются членами команды

Tim Walters
Duncan McIntyre
Andy Poprawa

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