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Monkey Miners NFT is a collection with real value NFTs, generating monthly royalties in the best asset, BITCOIN just for holding. This is possible because you will be part of a Bitcoin Minery Farm.
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О проекте MonkeyMinersNFT

Have you ever imagined being able to collect NFTs while you are receiving rewards in the most valuable and scarce asset in the world?

Monkey Miners NFT is a collection with real value NFTs. Generating monthly royalties in BTC just for holding, that make us spacial in the NFT sector.

This is possible because you will be part of a mining farm of the current digital gold, BITCOIN, where it’s not requiered a high initial investment, without the restrictions and taxes imposed by governments and with the liquidity that a NFT provides you. Even without the risks or troubles that mining machines cause you, such as the space occupied, noise and heat, etc.

Our collection has a total of 3,554 designs divided into two breeds of monkeys made up of 1,777 handmade designs of each breed operating in Solana block-chain. Generating Bitcoin royalties that increase every month for the next 100 years.

This doesn't end just here, you will also be part of a huge DAO, therefore, you as a holder, you will decide the future of the project by voting

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MonkeyMinersNFT Roadmap

  • PHASE 1 Q2/Q3 2022

  • The Monkey Miners NFT come to light.

    Presale: Monday June 27th

    Monkey Miners NFT lottery

    Official Mint: TBA

    Mint gifts
    Opensea and Secondary Markets
    Vote on our DAO community for reinvestment

    Presale: Monday June 27th

    Official Mint: TBA

    Decentralized Autonomous Organization arrives to Monkey Miners NFT.

    Construction of the mining farm
  • PHASE 2

  • Pos Project (Proof of Stake)
    • Launch of a new collection, where you will receive rewards monthly, but this time through the proof of stake consensus protocol, working by validators instead of mining machines, a sustainable and ecological way to earn those valuable royalties.

    Coming soon to Monkey Miners NFT...


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