Liquid Capital

Liquid Capital

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Liquid Capital (LC) is designed to deliver what DeFi investors desire most: safety, sustainability , and price stability. Built and managed by a team of successful DeFi veterans who use the most effective strategies and tools, the project will set a new standard in the DeFi space in terms of profitability, sustainability, and safety.
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О проекте Liquid Capital

Liquid Capital is a team of proven DeFi veterans who have created a revolutionary DeFi protocol and a powerful operating strategy designed to achieve what most DeFi investors search for in a DeFi project; sustainability and price stability.

Liquid Capital is the next stage of DeFi projects. Created after months of in-depth research on the DeFi market, and its successes and failures, Liquid Capital is optimized to deliver a broad range of consistent financial and other benefits to its token holders. The project also has a goal of transforming the overall DeFi space, making it safer and more rewarding for investors.

The Liquid Capital Team is on a Mission
Liquid Capital brings together a group of proven DeFi veterans with a broad range of skills and successes. Collectively they have been a part of several very successful DeFi projects. The Liquid Capital team has a mission to elevate the DeFi space making it one of the safest and most respected areas of crypto.

Our vision is simple. Put investors first, constantly innovate, lead the project with sound business fundamentals rather than emotions or guesswork, and have a relentless focus on success.

We believe this approach will make Liquid Capital one of DeFi’s most successful projects.

Liquid Capital uses Liquid AR, an Innovative and Flexible DeFi Protocol
The most desirable yet difficult to achieve goals of any DeFi project, are sustainability and price stability. Liquid Capital developed Liquid AR, a revolutionary DeFi protocol to serve as its foundation for delivering these two outcomes for DeFi investors. Liquid AR combines the best fundamentals of several successful DeFi protocols, then adds key elements that make it unique and more powerful.

The approach of integrating the best parts of protocols will continue through the life of Liquid AR. As new and proven DeFI protocols, and strategies emerge, Liquid AR will study them, and when appropriate, assimilate them into the protocol, consistently making Liquid AR up to date and effective, in all market conditions.

Liquid Capital Roadmap

  • Phase 1

  • Launch
    • Fair Launch on DEX
    • Pre-Launch Marketing
    • Audit
    • Dashboard Stress Test
    • Coingecko Listing
    • Coinmarketcap Listing
  • Phase 2

  • Stabilization
    • Multi Community Creation
    • Multi Language Website/Docs
    • DappRadar Listing
    • Coin Trackers Listing
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Youtube Marketing Campaign
  • Phase 3

  • Growth
    • PR Marketing
    • SEO
    • Partnerships
    • Cross-Chain Integration
    • Merchandising
  • Phase 4

  • Maturity
    • bNFT (Boost NFT) Integration
    • No Loss lottery game integration
    • Enhanced cross chain functionality
    • Increased yield bearing opportunities
    • CEX Listings


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