Karma Cats

Karma Cats

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Karma Cats is an NFT collection with the vision of offering holders ownership in a real business.
5,555 delightfully cute cat NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain each represent membership in Karma Labs, incubator and launchpad for world-class international yoga retreats and lifestyle apparel brand.
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Karma Cats Roadmap

  • Phase I - Manifestation

  • 01
    The official launch of the Karma Cat’s discord server and sneak peaks of our primary collection become available to the public. Our mindful community mission is launched, attracting waves of awakening souls from around the world.
    WL competitions and major giveaways begin as the Karma Cats manifest success for the months to come.
    Karma Cats official website launches showcasing the full scope of project details and the first of 3 mindful NFT art collections.
    Intention teams are established allowing members to choose purposeful roles in our community.
    Robust international marketing campaigns on all digital platforms span the globe and scores of awesome people from every nation join our movement.
  • Phase II - Activation

  • 06
    Official Pre-Sale Minting for Karma Cats becomes available for whitelist members.
    Re-investing funds from Pre-sale into marketing to create hype for public mint.
    Public minting goes live for Karma Cats. The Great Activation is upon us.
    Generous holder giveaways immediately after the collection is sold out, including:
    - 5 ETH to 5 lucky holders
    - 10 Karma Cat NFTs to 10 random holders
    - 10 Spots on an All-inclusive Yoga & Meditation Retreat in Costa Rica
    - and more
  • Phase III - Catalyzation

  • 10
    Karma Cat Factions are established from character base attributes giving holders assignment to specific missions, raffles, and rewards.
    Merch Collaborations - Karma Cats will team up with exclusive apparel & product brands to create limited collabs of IRL clothing & future metaverse wearables.
    Karma Labs DAO is formed. IP ownership granted to holders.
    Launch of online store with first drops of branded apparel and merchandise.
  • Phase IV - Realization

  • 14
    Karma Fund community wallet established and funded with 10 ETH, aimed at supporting different initiatives and charities. Charity will be chosen by community / community driven.
    Diamond Holder roles grant loyal holders access to the next stages of the roadmap.
    Our team begins developing 3D metaverse-ready versions of our cats.
    Karma Labs hosts first of its kind NFT holder-owned Yoga & Adventure Retreat.
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  • Phase V - Reincarnation

  • 18
    3D Karma Cats are born and gifted to all Holders for free.
    Ramp up marketing efforts and collaborations with other big projects.
    All royalties from 3D Karma Cats collection go back to original Karma Fund community wallet.
    Buy Land in the MetaVerse as our 3D Karma Cats prepare to enter the virtual world as avatars.
  • Phase VI - Abundance

  • 22
    Karma Cats unite in Tulum, Mexico! First of its kind Cryptocurrency/NFT themed education and networking event for NFT holders - with guest speakers and optional spiritual-retreat type experiences. This groundbreaking never-done-before IRL meetup will be available to all holders who sign up and are able to travel.
  • Phase VII - Enlightenment

  • 23
    Karma Labs propels forward as an idea incubator & alpha group that launches products, services, and NFT collections aimed to give members more utility and value long term.


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