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Кайрос - компания искусственного интеллекта, специализирующаяся на распознавании лиц.
1 янв. 2018 г.
15 февр. 2018 г.
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$10 000 000
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Cap 33 000 000.00
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О проекте Kairos

Кайрос - компания искусственного интеллекта, специализирующаяся на распознавании лиц. Благодаря компьютерному видению и компьютерному обучению, Kairos может распознавать лица в видео, фотографиях и реальном мире, что упрощает, как никогда, преобразовывать то, как ваш бизнес взаимодействует с людьми.


Благодаря компьютерному видению и компьютерному обучению, Kairos может распознавать лица в видео, фотографиях и реальном мире - что упрощает, как никогда, преобразовывать способ взаимодействия вашего бизнеса с людьми.

Kairos Команда

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Brian Brackeen
Founder & CEO
Ben Virdee-Chapman
Max Porter
VP Sales
Herwig Konings
Co Founder & CEO, InvestReady


$10 000 000

Mario Pazos
Blockchain Angel Investor • COO, Pazos Law Group
Steve O'hara
Chairman of the Board, Kairos • President, New Wor...

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The Kairos project makes dual impression. Judge yourself. They emphasize that Kairos is a working business with a working product, that they are not a startup, and this is true. Since 2012 they gained such customers as IBM, Volvo, Yamaha, Amway, BBC, Ikea, NEC, LG, PepsiCo, Legendary, and many others. The global facial recognition market is currently estimated at USD $4+ billion and is driven by the surveillance industry and governments. The idea, though not a unique one, is universal and suits almost any business. All these facts prove the company is really successful, with bright future and ways for further development. On the other hand, among their competitors we see Microsoft, Google, and Amazon, though Kairos has presented a feature table with clear comparing of the competing products, and Kairos looks preferable. Also take into account an unclear information about the team and a lack of blockchain-related experience.
Kairos is a working successful business with a long list of more than solid customers, a working product, and a technology providing enterprises with plenty of information about their customers and therefore helping them to grow. The only doubt is in their ability to move into the blockchain technology.

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Ian Balina

I think, It’s been pushed back or temporarily put on pause for now. The ones I`ve got in are: Kairos and Mainframe.
Update: Ian Balina has claimed refund from Kairos.

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ICO Drops
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With 6 years of operation behind them and large enterprise customers already utilizing their products, Kairos has proven to be a successful tech startup that is making a big impact on this emerging technology. While recognizing the challenges posed by competition from the tech giants, our rating positions the Kairos ICO well overall in the space. We are making a medium bet on the Kairos ICO.

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Ultimately, Kairos isn’t the only trading bot on the market. There are plenty of options inside and outside the cryptocurrency community. Kairos hasn’t published its performance results publicly at this time. However, Kairos will start investing in markets in September, and then begin publishing its results in December.

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