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25-year history of being Involved in multiple industries including medical, legal, real estate development, high tech, production, trading commodities, with partners has completed 2 successful IPOs. Greg was a Founder of Canada Capital Group Inc. (”CCGI”) in 2015 that was created to profit from two primary objectives: build a North American distribution arm for its Chinese Crypto Currency Mining computer manufacturer; and to build a better platform for underwriting Initial Coin Offerings (“ICO’s”). During the ensuing three years, Greg has become a global leader in the Crypto technology and ICO industries having been recognized by in March 2018 as one of the top 20 most influential industry leaders in the world. For crypto-mining, Greg has developed alliances with some of the largest minig farm operators in the world. This has culminated in assisting DigiCrypts in negotiating a host in Quebec for up to 5,000 mining machines using sub $0.04 cent per kwh power, despite Quebec Hydor announcing it has closed the doors on any new mining operations in the province. Greg has also developed tremendous expertise and global contacts in the ICO industry. Greg has acted as advisor to several successfully funded ICO’s by bringing tougher interested buyers and sellers, even though he has not been a direct salesperson of ICO’s due to not desiring to become a registered sales person. Everything Greg has developed in this industry during the past three years, including a base of more than 30,000 followers, has been folded into DigiCrypts. Without Greg’s efforts during this time, DigiCrypts could not have created the hosting deal for 5,000 mining machines that has been completed in Quebec, nor could the massive amount of IP related to the ICO platform be available.
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