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If you own or manage rental property, you know the struggles that come along with collecting rent from tenants. RuufPay will provide a sleek interface and simple user experience for you to accept rent and manage your tenant’s payment history through a single application.
As the world becomes increasingly digital, having the ability to easily accept cryptocurrency as rent payment will make your property more appealing to young, tech-savvy renters and will help you quickly fill vacant units. The RuufPay Wallet will have a function allowing you to easily convert rental payments that were made to you in cryptocurrency to USD and other fiat currencies with the push of a button if desired, using our trusted partners.
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авг., 2021
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Apr 9, 2019
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О проекте Home Coin

The RuufPay Protocol is a blockchain project aiming to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and real estate. RuufPay is being designed to be available to all parties involved in standard real estate transactions anytime, anywhere - landlords, tenants, buyers, and sellers.

Our objective is to cooperatively create solutions to make the housing ecosystem more transparent, fair, and efficient with the usage of cryptocurrency, distributed ledger technology and decentralized finance. We see ourselves as a supportive solution for those involved in housing transactions - landlords, property managers, tenants, buyers, and sellers. We aim to become an entity based on complete decentralization, bringing the newly embraced benefits of the digital economy to the outdated real estate industry.


Primary Uses:

Access to Cryptocurrency:
Attract tenants & landlords interested in easy facilitation of crypto as means of payment which will only increase.
• Rental Discounts:
Users can receive significant cashback rewards via the RuufPay Mobile Wallet that can be applied towards rent payments. Landlords will have the option to stake their received rent payment as well.
• Efficient Remittances:
Facilitate easy and inexpensive remittances with the RuufPay Wallet via Home Coin between tenants & landlords.
• Serving the Underbanked:
Increase payment option for the underbanked, especially those renting properties in crypto-friendly jurisdictions without significant technology infrastructure.

Future uses:

  • Crypto Home Buying:

    When Home Coin adoption increases, users will be able to apply the token towards property purchase.

  • International Payment Simplicity:

    A single digital currency created for real estate functionality simplifies cross-border payments and exchange rates.

  • Mortgage & Utility Payments:

    Cashback rewards can be applied directly towards property expenses.

  • Collateralized Crypto Mortgages:

    Develop collateralized crypto loan interface that will be geared towards mortgage & rental payments, disrupting the existing market.

  • Industry Partnerships:

    Profit sharing opportunities with landlords to increase crypto payment adoption.

  • Increased Transparency:

    More market exposure will allow RuufPay to provide transparent property & housing data via blockchain.

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