Health Care Coin

Health Care Coin

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
HealthCareCoin is a digital currency created to help people. We are what crypto is meant to be.
HealthCareCoin saves lives in impoverished regions most affected by Covid-19. We provide people with food, hygiene items, and medicine to contain the spread of the virus.
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О проекте Health Care Coin

 Everyone is now aware of the dire epidemiological situation in the world. Everyone wants to help, but many do not know how. We, in turn, offer innovative solutions through which you can participate in charity using cryptocurrencies. But you will remain anonymous.

    The HCC was created as a philanthropic project to fight the scourge of the world's enigma, with a focus on the most affected regions. The HCC was created by our team to help those affected by Covid-19, prevent the virus from spreading and support hospitals and those in need of medical care and equipment. We would like to share this project with you and invite you to participate in it.

    We are issuing a digital currency, the proceeds of which will go to help in the fight against covid-19.
50% of all money earned will go to help fight covid-19 in the regions with the worst epidemiological situationThe HealthCareCoin project is fighting a total war against the pandemic and therefore works in three main directions. A third of the funds allocated for charitable purposes is allocated to each of these directions

            1.Assistance to regions facing a severe epidemiological situation. Hospitals in many regions of the world cannot help all their patients due to a lack of equipment (often they are short even on the simplest equipment) and medicines. HealthCareCoin will provide targeted purchase of the necessary equipment, consumables and medicines.

            2. Targeted assistance for patients with Covid-19. Treatment and, especially, rehabilitation after coronavirus disease is an extremely difficult and expensive process. Not all people can pay for the necessary therapy.
Not all people can pay for the necessary therapy. HealthCareCoin helps those who cannot afford full-fledged treatment of Covid and its consequences.

            3. The pandemic has dealt a powerful blow to the economy. Millions of people around the world were left without work and without means of livelihood. Moreover, those who survived the disease often cannot return to full-time work and lose their income.

We understand that economic problems can kill as well as a disease itself, so the third key task of HealthCareCoin is to help those who are in a difficult financial situation due to the pandemic. The entire project community will determine who exactly will receive targeted assistance from HealthCareCoin through voting, in which all HCC holders will be able to participate.


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