Hairless Cat Club

Hairless Cat Club

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Join my Discord for a raffle of 10USDTX3 and WL X10 every other day,And a chance to get free air drops
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О проекте Hairless Cat Club

'One Art'' was co-founded by a group of artists who own hairless cats. We firmly believe that hairless cats are among the most honored cats in the world. Our goal in putting NFT on sale is to make more people aware of hairless cats and be impressed by their charm, it has 3999 sheets. MINT Join us and you will be able to exchange knowledge about hairless cats, such as feeding, heat, training, dressing, tattooing, etc. with professionals around the world. You can even find people with hairless cats near your home.

As a noble species, Hairless cats can’t stand humans who don’t recognize them. So it uses tattoos to deter those humans who don't know it. At the same time, they will find those hairless cats who have not yet joined the company to invite it to join. In this company, the hairless cats with good performance will get a tattoo, and now only 30 percent of hairless cats have tattoos.

Hairless Cat Club Roadmap

  • 1,Launch website, Twitter, Discord and start build strong crypto community of NFT lovers and investors.

  • Grow and boost our community with marketing campaign with Discord and Twitter collabs and giveaways.
  • 2,Reward our members for contribution in our community with whitelists and special roles with crypto reward prizes.

  • Collaborate with leading communities, best advisors and influencers in NFT world to build brand awareness, create partnerships and grow organically.
  • 3,20% of funds raised from our mint are used to give back to our community

  • 80% raised money raised from our mints will be used for building our DAO, investing in our future projects and keeping high floor price for our collections.
  • 4,We build our DAO where we can decide together our future plans and investments.

  • We airdrop Pixel Hairless Cat NFTs to our Hairless Cat holders!
    We open personal marketplace where our holders can list NFT from our collection with lowest 1% fees.
    We open personal rarity checker service for our collection.
    We open personal sale alerts service where to track all sales for our collection.
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  • 5,We organize airdrops and giveaways for holders with crypto reward prizes.

  • We develop NFT mobile apps for our community with early access for our holders.
    We run special channel for holders with VIP crypto signals.
  • 6,We run special channel with exclusive insights, news and analytics of NFT world.

  • We give our holders exclusive access to premium collab channel with WL from top NFT projects.
    Our holders will get access to early presale for our future collection.
  • 7,We create our token and send airdrop for holders.

  • We create staking pool for our NFT collection.
  • 8,We create world class merchandise with our collection.

  • We run IRL events across the world.
    We launch our project in Metaverse.


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